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  1. SteinW.

    Vertex Colors doesn't work

    Thank you! Now it works.
  2. I can't get this to work. I create a new Pro Builder Cube, open Vertex Colors, then I choose one or more sides of the cubes and then click on a color. Nothing happened.
  3. SteinW.

    Probuilder mesh just dissapear

    Hi! The problem is when I drag the texture to the probuilder object. I haven't used the Material Editor Window that much yet. Maybe it's time to do that, I think. :-) Thanks a lot for all the help. I'm very grateful for this. :-)
  4. SteinW.

    Probuilder mesh just dissapear

    Hi! Aaahh, thank you now it works find. But the game which I first discover this problem, I have a wall I destroy with a dynamite. The video in the first post in this topic. I had to set both the wall and the trigger (which is a parent of the wall) to "static". Thank you for the help! :-) I have just another question also. When I create a cube and add a texture to it. And then I enter edit mode, and scale the object, then the material just dissapear. I can make a video if it's easer to see the problem. :-)
  5. SteinW.

    Probuilder mesh just dissapear

    I created a brand new project, tried both with script and playmaker. I attached this script to the Probuilder cube I want to destroy. When I press the "M-key" the cube will be destroyed and all other probuilder meshes just dissapear. Well, it's still there. I can walk on it. It needs to be a BUG. I'm 100 % for sure. If it's not a bug, what can it be? Just look at these screenshots. Take a close look in the Inspector of the object "Room", both in the play mode and editor mode. As you can see, the mesh renderer of the object is still enabled, but you can't see it. This happened just because I attached the destroy script to the other object which I just called "Cube" and then pressed the "M"-key. Hope you see my problem now. :-) The Destroy Script: function Update () { if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.M)) { Destroy (gameObject); } }
  6. SteinW.

    Probuilder mesh just dissapear

    No! I will post some screenshots to show screen by screen what's happening. Is it possible to upload screenshots here?
  7. SteinW.

    Probuilder mesh just dissapear

    I'm using Playmaker. I don't know if you know Playmaker. And I use the same way as when I use Unity build in cubes. And that works very well. And Mesh Renderer is still enable, but it's not visible. If I should use code, I think it would be like this: public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) { Destroy(other.gameObject); } } I can try this, to see if I get the same problem. I understand that this is not a known problem, since it sounds like I'm the only one who experience this.
  8. SteinW.

    Probuilder mesh just dissapear

    Hi! I think this must be a bug. I create a probuilder cube and a probuilder trigger which I make as a parent to the first cube. If I enter this trigger and place a dynamite, it will blow up the cube, but all the probuilder mesh will just be invisible. Se this video so you can see it for yourself. One was commented there that there must be a problem with my game, because he tried it and it worked for him, but I don't think it is my game, because I tried with another new project. Just made it very simple. Player enter the trigger, press a key, then blow up the cube. The same happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyaO7c37kyk
  9. SteinW.

    Hi, everybody! :-)

    Hi! My name is Stein Walsberg, well....it's not my real name. It's the name I use in game development. :-) I am 42 years old, live in Norway where I live with my wife who also help me with graphics and design for my games. I Use Unity together with Playmaker. Released only one game so far. A very small game for Android. I'm currently working on a game, a remake of a game from Commodore 64. Here I will also use the fantastic tool "Pro Builder". I'm also a music composer, even if it's not my main priority. Unity takes to much time, but I try to compose a little bit when I feel for it. :-) I started to compose back in 1989 on Amiga 500 with trackerbased musicprogram called Sound Tracker. I also do a little bit 3D modeling in Blender, but I'm still learning. I know the very basic. :-) Please take a look at our homepage: http://www.walsberg.no You will see some drawings, paintings, etc. from my wife. And also my first game, "Drop n' Shoot" Or my gameblog: http://www.retro-tetro.walsberg.no I haven't updated it for a while, but I will. :-) Have a nice day! Best regards Stein