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    spooky reacted to karl in Merged Faces Flipped UV   
    This has been fixed and will be in the next update. Thanks for contributing this bug report!
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    spooky reacted to karl in Major Grid Line Options   
    Thanks for the report, I'll get that fixed asap.
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    spooky got a reaction from GabrielW in Merged Faces Flipped UV   
    Thanks. I'm back to having time to work on my game and I realized my merged faces were still getting flipped. It'll be good to finally get a fix
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    spooky reacted to benhurvillar in [WIP] FPS cyberpunk game   
    Sorry for the delay to answer hahaha. We've been very busy. It was 5 weeks just to make the models of the buildings in the city (the city have 20km²). We're still working in refinement (visually and mechanically). Here are some images of the game right now. Obs.: The game is in portuguese in this version, but will be in english for release.




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    spooky reacted to karl in button to reset to auto UV   
    A button to reset would be very quick to add - I'll try to fit that into the next update.
    Resizing that window may be a little more involved, but I've opened a ticket to look at it.
    Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it!
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    spooky reacted to karl in Lightmap Bleed / UV2 Padding?   
    That's a solid idea... shoot.  I'm kind-of upset I didn't think of it first
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    spooky reacted to karl in Lightmap Bleed / UV2 Padding?   
    I just pushed the update this afternoon, let me know how it works for you!
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    spooky reacted to karl in Merged Faces Flipped UV   
    Yup, definitely a bug.  We've got a ticket open to address it, but in the meantime the workaround is to either use "Flip U/V" in Auto mode or "Flip Horizontal / Vertical" in Manual mode.
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    spooky reacted to karl in Major Grid Line Options   
    That's a good point about the 1.25m - huh, maybe that should be changed to 1m by default while I'm at it.
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    spooky reacted to karl in Lightmap Bleed / UV2 Padding?   
    That does seem likely.  This was a feature available up until the 2.5 update, where it was omitted from the toolbar (and subsequently forgotten).  I've added it back in the "Generate UV2" options window, will have the update out asap.
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    spooky reacted to karl in Triangulate meshes?   
    Yes, just added it in this morning.
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    spooky reacted to karl in Unmerge/Split Faces   
    To recap my post in the other thread, this will be added in the 2.6.1 update.
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    spooky got a reaction from karl in Texel Density for Automatic UVs   
    I just remembered this topic and I wanted to say thanks Karl: the new quick scale buttons pretty much solves this problem. Some kind of quick 9 position alignment tool would still be helpful for this kind of quick tiling texture work, but the quick scale buttons have been very helpful!
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    spooky got a reaction from karl in Smaller ProBuilder Window (Horizontal Toolbar)   
    I'm back with more feature requests. I apologize for being so demanding.
    First of all I love the new ProGrids window being integrated into the scene view instead of another full window pane. Obviously there are too many options for the same to work for ProBuilder. I find that the PB 'tool bar' takes up a lot of screen space and it would be great if there was an optional mode to display it as a true horizontal tool bar with icons.
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    spooky reacted to karl in Precise UV editing, or is there a limitation?   
    Just committed a fix for lossy precision in the UV editor this morning.  I should have an update out in the next few days.
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    spooky got a reaction from karl in Texel Density for Automatic UVs   
    Hello, back again with another feature request.
    It would be helpful if we could set a default material scale. Currently when setting face materials in PB all textures come in at 1 repeat per meter (or Unity unit "u") which usually is not what I want (and probably not what most people want given that wall textures are typically 2u square), but conveniently for me in my current project the majority of the textures are intended to be 1u square. However there are some double sized (2u) textures that must be set to 0.5 repeats per u, by hand, every time.
    Ultimately my goal is to uniformly texture everything at a specific texel (texture pixels) density of 64/u. If there were an optional texel density setting PB could automatically set the scale value based on the dimensions of the texture. It would also incidentally make non-square textures come in at the correct aspect ratio. In combination with my previous suggestion of edge alignment it would make basic texturing basic 'brush' construction a flash for anyone with a goal texel density!
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    spooky reacted to karl in Automatic UV more Automatic?   
    There used to be a "Justify" enum that did exactly that - it would align the texture to the top right, bottom left, whatever.  I'm not sure where that went.... looking into it.
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    spooky reacted to karl in New feature.. Smart Geometry!   
    This would be awesome to have, but you're right in that it would be tremendously difficult.  One of the first things that comes to mind on thinking how this would work is that we'd likely need to implement our own undo stack and history, which would be an immense undertaking.
    Perhaps a lower hanging fruit would be interactive edits - so a bevel tool would be interactive and adjustable until you're happy with the result, then moving on from there it would apply the change and forget about it's state (meaning Undo would just revert to it's previous state).  This seems much more feasible, and as I start working on the bevel tool I'll keep that in mind.
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    spooky reacted to karl in Sky Portals in Unity?   
    It would be pretty easy to write an editor script to toggle on backface shadows in batch mode.  You could always do that and save some time manually changing all those values.  As far as efficiency goes, I can't imagine it would be that much more intensive than culling back faces in the shadow calculations.  I'd suggest testing that theory before looking for alternate methods.    
      Assuming your intention is to create an indoor scene with god-rays providing lighting through skylights and windows, I think the best course of action would be to model a lightblocking volume around the shell of your interior geometry.  On the sky portal thought, I think you're describing Area lights?    
      Lighting is a bit out of our scope, yes  On the thought of implementation, I'd suggest looking into area lights, and following that you'd probably be looking at writing your own lighting pipeline.    
      That's an interesting thought - it would be pretty easy to invert the directional light in a fragment shader, and Unity does provide the source code to the built-in shaders.  You could also do what you suggested and invert the lightmap textures (by first baking only directional lights set to 'Baked'), then baking other light sources and blending the latter over the inverted directional atlas.  This would require a lot of legwork, or a custom baking script to automate that process.  I think just inverting directional lighting in the fragment shader would probably be easier though (at the cost of mucking around in Unity's shaders).