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  1. mangax

    ProBuilder: Almost 0 FPS in Unity 5 Editor

    yes i use prefabs. and it doesn't get better when opening or closing unity. and yes.. the more going into editing tools the more it gets laggy. i'll say what am doing and you can imagine what is happening>>> first i model certain types of blocks/platforms , most of them has bends on sides so in case of cube, the cube edge has like 3 or 4 edges that give smooth curve (bevel) of the cube. i make sure uv is set + material. i have also a cylinder with curved edge (3 edges) .. then i save these as prefabs. some of them have two materials/ some parts of mesh has plannar projection, and some box projection. some auto. on level game scene. i use these prefabs, then i edit each depending what i need them.. i only move whole vertex corners on one side together so i can make these cubes as small platforms or big platforms etc. i duplicate some of these "edited" prefabs in the scene and move it somewhere else i want.. and make more edits on verts/size. sometimes i get odd errors like reference and such when i try delete some faces, so when i use source prefab again (not the cloned one in these scene), i can delete faces with no errors.. <-- dunno why this happens. sometimes heavily edited mesh, i save them as new prefabs. and so on.. so you can say 90% of scene is made of edited prefabs. now one important note i want to add here..when i use cubes (no bevel) with like 8 verts.. everything is okay.. fast and snappy. but the more edges i add on corners the more slowy it gets! i have two scenes constructed. a one with cubes with edges containing 4 edges.. and another one with 3 edges.. the amount of lag on more beveled cubes (4 edges) is slower and very noticable! right now i work on 3 edges beveled cube, so i can be able to work.
  2. mangax

    ProBuilder: Almost 0 FPS in Unity 5 Editor

    i get over all slow performance while the uv window is closed. and it gets more slow while the uv window open.
  3. mangax

    ETA on edge Bevelling?

    there is an easy way to add something in regard to beveled mesh. which is adding primitive beveled cube or cylinder / etc it's not an ideal solution, but it will do the basic job and will come handy in doing stuff like, basic platformes. or merging multiple beveled boxes manually. still will come more handy than doing it manually!!
  4. mangax

    ProBuilder: Almost 0 FPS in Unity 5 Editor

    i can confirm that i get also lag issues , currently i am facing this issue with base mesh model with basic bevel on edges. it happened to me on before past two releases. as well as current latest release. i have more complex meshes with no issues, Something simply triggers this issue.. the issue makes probuilder annoying to work with. even when starting play mode, then pause/stop..the transitions between two modes are slowed down because of this issue.
  5. mangax

    Automatic UV more Automatic?

    this is also the issues i was facing with uvs , until i found some shortcuts that would align faces on uv ... it is handy tool but requires some manual editing... anyway as spooky said, we need more automation
  6. mangax

    New feature.. Smart Geometry!

    thanks for feedback, am very interested in implementing any features to juice up mesh details, even if it is un-revertable changes! you guys keep moving forward and these technical details can be done later
  7. mangax

    New feature.. Smart Geometry!

    it is possible to replicate this idea by modeling modular mesh models of walls, ground surface etc then start merging things But it is time demanding! i thought of this idea to have a general more unified solution that bevel and other needs stuff can be derived from this idea all at once. you guys can check asset like "tileworldcreator" from asset store to fully understand what am thinking. this tile asset is great but its very limited and boring since everything only can only be placed on one height at a time. it would be cool to have the power of probuilder modeling + the ability to extend models in a new way with ease.
  8. Hello, okay .. i have an idea that i think will improve the productivity pipeline immensely! some of us already requested bevel for edges and those stuff that effects geometry, but i noticed that the more details added to geometry the "harder" it will be to get back and start editing these details that already made to geometry! We already know that probuilder is a tool is made to be help to produce extra-fast results! and i think majority want to maintain this aspect! so my idea is to implement a main feature called smart geometry or smart detail.. this will literally a "game over" for third party modeling programs.. these details can be added, but they are not effecting main mesh geometry! they are like "mesh effects" that are visible, but not modifiable directly.. for example, if i want to have bevel on edges, i select edge/faces and apply it.. it will bevel but the effect is like fake geometry which is visible but Not selectable, while the effected geometry faces remains the same but becomes semi-transparent and still selectable! so now it will be more flexible! for example if i extrude the face connected to these edges, or add extra details, these effects will be applied auto- on the new added geometry! check attached pic if such system implemented, it will be future scaleable, like maybe adding wavy surfaces ,adding any pattern to faces that can repeat around faces just like textures.. people will start sharing these patterns, or maybe to have a template that actually applied to cube (sides, top and bottom patterns) it will be amazing experience.. my goal is to have most maintainable geometry.