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  1. Luffaren

    ProBuilder - mesh cutting

    Hello there! Ah yes, i just discovered the edge loop in the new GUI. It's surely useful, as you can also use ProGrids to get the positioning just right. And i do concur that carving things in Hammer can really come back to bite you in the end, i usually drag every vertex back and forth to make sure they haven't gone off grid after carving. Huge thanks for making a ticket on this, i'll be eager to see what you fellas can come up with! Best regards!
  2. Luffaren

    Texture Editor improvement request

    Heyo there! I had some older ProBuilder version because a mixup between the Asset Store products. All i had to do in order to get the correct version was to install something out of the ProCore Utility Bundle BEFORE installing ProBuilder 2 separately. Now i'm running what seems to be the newest of the newest and i now see the updated GUI just fine, a whole bunch of neat changes/fixes i'd say! Best regards, and thanks for your time!
  3. Heyo there! I think you can mark this thread as fixed, i had some older ProBuilder version because a mixup between the Asset Store products. All i had to do in order to get the correct version was to install something out of the ProCore Utility Bundle BEFORE installing ProBuilder 2 separately. Now i'm running what seems to be the newest of the newest and i haven't had any issues since. The "Disable Automatic UV2 Generation" exists now, as it didn't in the previous version, but i don't have the need to use it no from what it seems. I'm sorry for all the threads/trouble i've brought because of this. Best regards, and thanks for your time/support!
  4. Oh dang, i just had to install anything from the ProCore Utility Bundle before installing the separate copy of ProBuilder 2. Now it works, and it's way different from what i had before. The only issue i got was that all texture faces got super small when i clicked "yes" on the "repair all objects", but i'll have to work around on a fix for that. Many thanks for the support! I'll surely take a closer look to learn the new GUI buttons and whatnot. Best regards!
  5. I don't have any option in "Edit > Preferences > ProBuilder" that's about automatic lightmap generation i'm afraid. I did find a thing called "Lightmap settings window" under "Tools > ProBuilder > Editor" which seems pretty relevant, though i don't see any option to disable the automatic lightmap generation.
  6. The only error message i get is: " MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'UnityEngine.GameObject.get_renderer'. UnityEditor.Undo:Internal_CallUndoRedoPerformed() " Although this doesn't seem to be connected to any ProGrids/ProBuilder stuff, it just pops up every now and then when selecting things in general. The only file i got in "ProCore\Shared\Code" is ProCore.dll. Could this be the issue? Also, it seems that ProBuilder installs in the folder "6by7" while the other ProCore tools goes into the folder "ProCore" and "ProCoreUtilityBundle". I bought ProBuilder a while ago, and only ProBuilder at that. I recently bought the whole bundle which excluded ProBuilder, so there might be something to that perhaps?
  7. Luffaren

    ProBuilder - mesh cutting

    Hello there! I'm not sure if you've ever worked in Valve's Hammer Editor and whatnot, but i'd like to submit a feature request for something really useful. A general mesh cutting feature. I've come across multiple instances where i've wanted to cut out a handful of windows when working in ProBuilder, and it usually ends up with me trying to fiddle around with Geometry methods and messing everything up. In Hammer Editor there's generally two ways of cutting a mesh: First method: This might be kinda hard to do in Unity since you have to draw a line where you want to cut it, and i'm not really sure how one would implement something like that correctly. What you basically do is: - Select the "cut" mode. - Draw a line from point A to point B. - The line will represent the "cut" where the red part will disappear while the white part will stay (you can toggle the cut sides between "delete A, B or none"). Second method: This one might be a bit easier to implement, since it uses the collider of an already existing object. What you basically do is: - Make mesh A (a wall in this instance). - Make mesh B (a block representing the size of a window in this instance). - Put mesh B inside mesh A, just where you want to cut it. - Press a key combination/button from menu. - mesh A gets cut just where mesh B is, and you got yourself a nice hole for a window. One note is that you might want to force the dev to select the object that acts as the "deleter (B)" and the object that acts as the "carve me (A)", since misusing it might end up in cutting loads of things at the same time, probably resulting in a mess that becomes even messier when using CTRL+Z. I remember times when i've misused this feature in Hammer, which caused a huge load of cuts in many different brushes/meshes i didn't want to cut at all. So a filter/selection of the two objects would probably be the safest, making sure you can't mess up.
  8. Hello there! I'd just like to note a few things that i believe could make the Texture Editor much better/faster to work with in general. First off, a texture picker, you know the kind that looks like this in the typical image editing software: So in general you'd have a button/whatever that you click on, and it will set the texture depending on the ProBuilder mesh/face texture you click on. Like a color picker, but with textures instead. Secondly, a list of "recently used textures" which you can set by just clicking on them normally. Maybe also force the basic ProBuilder textures on there as well, atleast the nodraw because it's used so often. Could we also make nodraw the default texture for objects? I find it really good to start off by working all out in nodraw, texturing each individual face later. See the picture below: I'd like to give a small note on something that might probably be classified as a bug. All the type-able fields inside the red oval in the picture above are kinda buggy to work with. As soon as i enter a key it de-selects the field, and when i click inside the field again i have to click a few times carefully to add a second number, if i click just once and type a number it replaces the pre-existing number. So typing values like 120 requires me to click the window more than 3 times in a careful manner. I'd just like to end by saying that these are my own personal opinions/wishes and nothing more. The Texture Editor is surely working and all, but i'd love to see some improvements made to it if possible.
  9. Hello there! 1) Name of tool ProBuilder 2) Description of the issue The issue is that the ProBuilder meshes/faces become fully rendered in black every now and then when working in the editor. This affects both the editor AND in-game world. 3) Your system environment (Operating system, version of Unity, version of tool) Windows 7 64-bit Unity 5.0.0f4 ProBuilder 2.2.24f0 4) List of steps, clearly explaining how to replicate the issue From what i've come to learn, there's 2 different ways of bugging it out. the first way is to simply apply a texture on a ProBuilder face in "Texture" mode. This will make most faces attached to the mesh object rendered in full black. To fix this you simply move the texture just a little bit, as it kinda resets. The other way is a bit more complex to accomplish, it makes the whole ProBuilder mesh object black instead of just parts of it. I'm not really sure what triggers this, but it's done in the "Geometry" mode when moving faces/vertexes, it might be connected to using CTRL+Z. The fix for this is similar to the above, you just need to move a vertex/face back and forth and all the black faces on the mesh object should fix itself. I recall from a while before that certain texture/lighting errors occured in ProBuilder, as the fix was to just move the entire mesh object back and forth. Could it be possible to perhaps do some automatic "reset" like this when compiling/running the scene? (moving it back and forth seems to fix the issues in general) 5) Any other comments/etc It doesn't matter what shader/material i'm using.
  10. Quoting this just to make sure you get a notification.
  11. That's great to hear, huge thanks!
  12. Heyo there, both of these should be the newest as i installed them both at the same time (a few days before i made this thread). ProGrids version: 2.1.5 ProBuilder version: 2.2.4f0
  13. Hello! The "Texture" mode in ProBuilder really makes life easier, as you can easily texture whatever face you need, whenever you need. There's this one really really annoying issue though: I usually create entire rooms first all in nodraw and texture them later all in one go, this requires that i select many faces at the same time in order to give them the same texture/size/group. When i select all the faces i use SHIFT+Lmouse, clicking on each individual face. The thing about this is that if i even move the mouse just so slightly when i click, like super slightly, all of my selection goes down the drain and i'll have to do it all over again. CTRL+Z doesn't work when it comes to face selection either, so i'm pretty screwed in these often reoccuring instances. I've kinda worked around this by lifting up my mouse every time before clicking, but it gets old really quick and i eventually mess up sooner or later by forgetting to lift the mouse. Would it be able to implement a feature to block the de-selection whenever you click on a face and accidentally move the mouse? Would it perhaps be possible to implement an undo CTRL+Z feature to face selection? Would it maybe be possible to even add a new face selection feature where you just click/hold and drag the mouse over all faces you want selected (where maybe you could also deselect individiual faces if you click/hold and drag another mouse key)? I really love ProBuilder, it's really great. But it would be so much better without smaller issues like these. It works, but it's really annoying if you mess up. I'm currently using the newest ProBuilder version along with Unity 5, but i've experience it many times with older versions on Unity 4 too. Best regards.
  14. Hello! The title says most of it. ProGrid works just fine on the "Top" level editing/movement, as for moving normal Unity GameObjects. The grid snapping stops working/doesn't apply when editing ProBuilder meshes (vertexes/faces/edges). ProGrid is most likely one of the best things to use in Unity, but it would be so much better if implemented together with ProBuilder. Best Regards.