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  1. WillyWonka

    Recovering pro builder meshes after upgrading

    Ok, I've managed to recover objects, IF they're in the scene. If they're just a prefab in the resources folder they break. Making a scene with everyone of my prefabs should do it.
  2. I've been testing out the latest version ProBuilder in a separate project and decided to upgrade our main project. - I deleted the old ProCore folder. - Copied in the scripts from the new version. - Started up unity. - Clicked a button that said something like "Recover all pro builder objects in scene" or something similar and now every scene in every level in our game just says "None" for the mesh. And I can't find any meshes in the asset browser to assign. In my prefabs, some of them have a working ProBuilder mesh, while others are missing the mesh, pb_entity, and pb_object scripts. If I manually attach the pb_entity and pb_object scripts, it delete the GameObject from my prefab. What can I do to recover my files?
  3. WillyWonka

    Material per vert?

    Once I upgraded that that worked. heh. It's frustratingly limiting for what I want to do with it, but for the majority of people it looks useful. Being able to write to the second vertex colour channel or write to a particular channel (Say... G) and not the other 3 (RBA) would make it a lot more robust for working with custom shaders.
  4. WillyWonka

    Material per vert?

    Is it possible to apply a material per vert? I want simple vertex blending between my materials, but every time I select a vert and click a material it flood fills the entire mesh.
  5. WillyWonka

    Preserve UV's?

    Ok, that worked, but man there are three frustrating things with this process. - As far as I can tell you can't control the direction of the extrude other than in/out with +/- numbers. - UVing it was a pain, but with lots of selecting edge loops and scaling to straighten the lines out, it was possible. - You can't select an edge loop if it's a mesh edge. Now that I'm done, I guess I could have done one extra extrude and then deleted it when I was done, live and learn.
  6. WillyWonka

    Preserve UV's?

    Is there any way to preserve UV's while moving edges or verts? I'm trying to create a twisty road with 3D sidewalks. I've created a simple road by adding loops to a 1x2 plane over and over again and moving them into position. For my test the road looks like a 90 degree turn going down hill. I then lined up the UV's how I wanted them and my road texture includes a sidewalk. Next I wanted to add depth to the sidewalks but I've hit a snag. I tried inserting a loop but it always centers to the face and that put the edge in the middle of the lane. Any attempt to move that edge destroys the UV's that I previously setup. Even destroying the UV's would be fine, if I could select the entire loop and move it along the edges similar to the way that Max/Maya can, but I can't seem to find any option for that either. What would you guys suggest? Take the sidewalk into account from the very beginning?