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  1. Matt1988

    Dimensional Overlay API 3.x

    Thank you much Karl.
  2. Matt1988

    A few beginner questions

    @Bitfabrikken If you look in the Extensions section, I have added a small script that will enable Dimensions Overlay on launch.
  3. Someone mentioned that they would like Dimensions Overlay to be enabled by default when Unity starts. put the below code into a CSharp script and put the script in a folder called "Editor". This code is for ProBuilder 2 and won't work with ProBuilder 3.0.1 which is available in the Packages Manager in the Unity 2018 Beta. I'm currently working out how to make this work in ProBuilder 3. using UnityEditor; using ProBuilder2.EditorCommon; [InitializeOnLoad] public class StickyDimensionsOverlay { static StickyDimensionsOverlay() { pb_DimensionsOverlay.Init(); } } Edit: Upon further inspection, it appears that ProBuilder 3.0.1 does not have the Dimensions Overlay as part of the public API.. Or it's hidden really, really well.. Edit: Upon even further inspection, it turns out that you can call Menu Items programatically, However Menu Items get compiled after IntializeOnLoad classes, so you have to do some more magic. For Probuilder 3 This one will Activate the Dimension Overlay every time you select a new object. A temporary work around until Dimensions Overlay classes are exposed in Pb3 using UnityEditor; [InitializeOnLoad] public class StickyDimensionsOverlay { static StickyDimensionsOverlay() { Selection.selectionChanged += OnSelectionChanged; } static void OnSelectionChanged() { EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem("Tools/ProBuilder/Dimensions Overlay/Show"); } }
  4. I've been searching for a way to change the bounding box displayed by the Dimensional overlay in Probuilder 3.x and haven't found anything obvious. I haven't looked super hard, but I usually don't have to with your API. The reason I'd like to be able to set the Bounding Box for the Dimensional Overlay is because I have made a script that creates a bounding box encompassing all the selected verts in a face and I'd like to be able to display measurements of the face. I figured that Dimensional Overlay already does this quite well, why reinvent the wheel. And of course I would release this in the addons after it was complete.
  5. Matt1988

    [Release] ProBuilder Offset Tool!

    Great to see this functionality added to ProBuilder! ProBuilder is becoming a more complete modeling tool everyday! Great work guys.
  6. Matt1988

    [Release] ProBuilder Offset Tool!

    Thanks Zplintz! Development is going pretty slow as i am currently in the middle of a move but I will definitely keep you in mind for when I need testers!
  7. Title says it all: When I press Snap Pivot, then "Undo" the change, it offsets the objects position. I thought I knew how to fix this and was going to just include the fix with this post but to be honest, I have no clue. lol. Using Unity 4.3 with the ProBuilder 2.2 preview.
  8. Matt1988

    [Rerelease!] Ruler - Complete Rewrite!

    A rewrite of Ruler is up! The rewrite is a much more elegant solution than the original. Hope some of you find it useful. Previous versions are no longer available because of an emergency format.
  9. Matt1988

    [Release] ProBuilder Offset Tool!

    Hey guys, sorry about the dead links. As it turns out I lost this tool in a mandatory reformat not too long ago. I'll work on re-making it when I have the time. Sorry guys .
  10. Matt1988

    A short list of bugs

    Great to see this fixed Karl Glad you are on top of it!
  11. Matt1988

    List faces on collision

    Thanks for letting me know about that, I probably have some plugins that need updating! Btw it's PivotTool.cs. My bad.
  12. Matt1988

    Progrid UI doesn't load.

    I've had this issue a couple of times. To fix it I changed my editor layout to one of the ones shipped with Unity3d to make sure everything that shouldn't be open isn't. I then reopen the ProBuilder and ProGrids windows and place them as I normally would. To change your layout to one of the defaults: There should be a drop down box in the Unity editor near the top right hand side of the screen beside the "Layers" drop down. Click on it to get a list of the default layouts and choose one. Hope this solves your problem!
  13. Matt1988

    List faces on collision

    Hey Nakor! Just thought I'd throw my two cents in. if you are still having trouble I'd take a look at SetPivot.cs it is a pretty good example of translating vertices with the ProBuilder API.
  14. Matt1988

    Few questions about Pro Builder

    Short Answer: You aren't missing any functionality by not purchasing other SixBySeven tools. Explanation: ProGrids: Adds industry standard grid snapping functionality that Unity is sorely missing. This is actually a must have for ANY Unity project (In my opinion) as it is compatible with any GameObject not just ProBuilder objects. You are in luck though because there is a free version! The free version includes all of the required functionality to get you started with grid snapping goodness. The only caveats to the free version vs the pro version are: You are locked in to a 0.25 meter grid and you don't have the handy dandy 90degree angle indicators. This tool is really great and is definitely worth the money for the pro version even if you aren't going to use ProBuilder. QuickEdit: Simply allows you to edit the position of vertices in a mesh made in third party modelling software. Quickly being made obsolete to ProBuilder users by the "ProBuilderize" function. It is still a great investment to anyone who doesn't own ProBuilder as it is a GREAT workflow speeder-upper (new word?). QuickDecals: What it says on the tin. Used to quickly add decals to your level. You can use QuickDecals on any game project it is not reliant upon ProBuilder. While it could potentially speed up your workflow with ProBuilder by adding some flavor to your scenes and removing some monotony of tiled textures, it is by no means a requirement.
  15. I may be completely wrong about this but here but this sounds like it could be a feature. I'll give you an example of a problem I had a while ago: Stairs. Stairs have a mesh collider and taking an FPS Controller up those stairs can be pretty jittery. To use a ramp collider that I made with the ProBuilder collision brushes, I had to disable the collider on the Stairs ProBuilder Object. This wouldn't be a problem except ProBuilder relies on that collider to detect mouse clicks amongst other things while editing. So to edit you would have to go back in and re-activate the collider. Disabling these colliders in play mode actually saves a lot of time and is potentially a HUGE optimization in your game by forcing you to create your own colliders with the ProBuilder collider brushes which should be quite a bit more efficient than the Mesh Colliders that the editor uses..