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  1. Thank you for your reply. I created a scene only using prototype. so I need the feature of ProBuilder. I know about the "probuilderize selection (preserving faces)" function but this will result into a mess of "missing sript"-object. Is there an easy way to merge a Prototype Scene into a ProBuilder scene?
  2. Hello Together, I wanted to texture some objects created with the Shape Tool (mainly cube+prism) using UV as I want e.g. the cube to have different textures on each facing. As this is not possible and each side has the same texture (correct me if I am wrong) I exported a cube using the ExpObj script, gave it a UV Mapping in Blender and reimported it again. The imported model is without the procore functions now and any attempt to insert them resulted in a reset of the UV mapping. I would need a possibility to use the procore editing functions for the new object or to give the Shape Tool objects different textures for each facing. Could you give me any advice? Thank you in advance