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    light shining through geometery?

    Hmmm, if turn off Ambient Intensity to 0 and Reflection Intensity to 0 then what happens when i actually want that? I'm a little confused with the answer. I will test in the morning and get back to you thanks
  2. subjectZero

    light shining through geometery?

    Thanks karl for getting back to me. I took anther screen shot to show you my setup and light. Yes the room surrounding my character is casting a shadow. Like it should in the real world, right? My walls need to cast shadows, don't they? shouldn't it be completely darn inside my room? my char should not be visible? I changed the lights rotation, to evening, and as expected it is completely dark. what do you think? kind Regards
  3. subjectZero

    light shining through geometery?

    Hey peeps Im experiencing the exact same thing. I'm building a point and click adventure. Just inverting a basic cube and it does this, I've included an image to illustrate. Ive also read the above work around, but unfortunately the work around is completely redefining how one is suppose to use it, even in a demo it is used in this way. or am i missing something? no light should shine through at al, right? How can we fix this? Thank you for your time kind regards Luke
  4. Lol, i actually love it. the uv editor and the way it works, it really works perfectly for my PBR pipeline, i use substance designer to build amazing looking shaders thats only 7k big. But what im actually asking how many units should "a" door be if the character controller is 1,8(unity units)? how many units are do you make your doors? The confusion here is the default probuilder door that is 3units/3meters. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  5. Hey peeps im currently working on my first "first person adventure game" and i need some help with my world size to Controller ratio. So how i started was by creating the door with the probuilder default, but i felt that the door's frame could actually be used as the door frame so just scale it. but then i realized something according to the unit measurement on the shader "slash" uv tiles the door is 3 meters. Could someone please explain to me if this was chosen on purpose? is that the relative size that should be chosen? because the game controller is 1,8 (default unity FPS controller from asset store), and as you can see in the image that ive provided making the door 2 meters looks really silly and feels weird. or is it just me? Any advice on this topic would be appreciated. kind regards
  6. subjectZero

    Hello all

    Hey Peeps My name is Luke and I'm a indie developer from south Africa. you can check out some games I've made www.9tofriday.co.za and they are available on the iOS store. nothing really special, or so I've learned. trying to make a flappy bird knock off just won't cut it. one has to make something amazing!!! it has to feel... Im on a journey to do just that, make something special that is. Ive recently been playing with substance painter and substance designer. And when i tested the workflow with Pro Builder i was like "WOOHOO" - adding PBR textures has never been easier - the simple texture assign works like a charm. Anyway point is that I'm really excited adding ProBuilder to my workflow. Back to the awesome game I'm going to make with ProBuilder, Its going to be a first person quest game, where you will have to combine things in inventory and solve puzzles to progress. the only hint i will give is that the game will be about time travel, I've already said to much. lol. i will definitely bee sharing my work on here, as i would love feedback from the community. Thanks for having me. SZ
  7. subjectZero

    Welding two vertices breaks uv's and makes them black

    Sure thing i will do that. thanks
  8. subjectZero

    Welding two vertices breaks uv's and makes them black

    ahh ok i thought i was loosing my mind. thank you for getting back to me so quickly. any idea when the next update will be available?
  9. Hey guys I'm trying to weld two vertices or an edge, but when i all the uv's connected to the island disappear and are move to the centre coords of the uv editor. I've included two images that show which vertices I'm trying to weld and the resulting black that is produced. i doesn't even work with a basic cube (only when i start a new project with a basic cube), but soon as the mesh becomes more complex then this happens. please can anyone assist? thanks in advance P.S. it work once before, but now starting a new project and trying to weld any vertices doesn't work. I've tested it on my mac as well.
  10. Hey everyone Luke and Chris here. about two months ago, Chris and I discovered Unity and 9TOFRIDAY was born from cocos2d to unity OMG - and pro builder, man you, if only you could here my voice. Anyways we are about to launch our first game and we have never been excited. i want to tell you our entire story but, honest, 3 Day since sleep and all we want to do is make games. Rock on everyone