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  1. The error: Assembly 'ProCore' has non matching file name: 'ProCore 1.dll'. This can cause build issues on some platforms. UnityEditor.HostView:OnGUI() My system: ProCore 2.1.5 revision 3184 on Windows 7 64 bit, Unity 5.0.1f1 Personal
  2. westingtyler

    Turning off Collider Visibility Makes Them Not Collide

    Unity started crashing every time I opened that scene (probably unrelated to this issue). I sent an error report and started working on a new scene, and now I am unable to duplicate the issue. Now colliders work like normal, like they used to. I can toggle the eyeball to toggle visibility without turning off their collision. It is good to know I can accomplish the same thing by just turning off mesh renderers, though. Thanks for the help. Not exactly 'resolved', but it could very possibly have been some kind of weird user error. Also, I am getting a message when I click play. Might be related to plyGame, which I am also using. I can't upload the photo, though. Do I really have to go upload it to some other web site and link it? That is a sucky method. uncaught exception in async net callback: object reference not set to an instance of an object UnityEditor.AsyncHTTPClient:Done(State, Int32) at UnityEnging. GUISkin, Getstyle (system.string styleName {0x00010 in C: blah blach \GUISkinBindings.cs:269} blah blah. Probably unrelated, and also on a side not, you should be able to copy and paste errors from the Unity Console, because that is ridiculous.
  3. westingtyler

    Turning off Collider Visibility Makes Them Not Collide

    Thanks for the info. To clarify, I am turning off the "eyeball" in the probuilder toolbar next to Collider, which I always thought kept the colliders functional but just made it easier to see what you are doing in Unity? Do I really have to re-enable the eyeball every time I want to test the game?
  4. I made a bounding box out of a probuilder cube, then I set it to Collider. The collider turns into the green mesh like it should. If I leave it visible, playing the game makes it invisible, but it collides like it should. I am pretty sure that is the normal behavior. But if, in the editor, I make it invisible, then it is both invisible and non-colliding when in play mode. What is the dealio? Unity 4.6.0f3, ProBuilder2-v2970, Windows 7 64 bit.
  5. Yes, that solved the problem. I set the material to a random one called Default.mat in the preferences. Then I realized this IS the default material, at the default location. And also, that didn't fix the problem. So then I just found the material in its folder and renamed it to Default_Prototype.mat (like you said), and confirmed that the preferences had auto-updated to the new name and yep, problem solved. Weird, but thanks!
  6. I click Shape, and a window called Shape Tool with blackness inside pops up. I click any part of it, and it creates like 8 pb-Object-294678ish objects, and the console says "ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: key." like 9 times in a row. Each time I click on the black menu, it creates like 8 more. Resetting the preferences to default did not help, nor did restarting Unity after doing so. What is this all about?
  7. It did not help. I even restarted Unity after resetting the defaults, and no change. Thanks for the idea, though.
  8. Well, now another problem. I click Shape, and a window called Shape Tool with blackness inside pops up. I click any part of it, and it creates like 8 pb-Object-294678ish objects, and the console says "ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: key." like 9 times in a row. I had already clicked "install" in the Tools menu. What is this one all about?
  9. Correct! Problem solved. At least this part is. There were several compile errors related to my acParkour package. I deleted the acParkour folder, and then suddenly all the ProCore stuff showed up in the menu. So now I have to ask the acParkour people what their problems were. Does this mean that any time a game has a compile error, ProCore will be inaccessible?
  10. I started a new project in Unity 4.6.0f3, and I imported ProCore Complete Bundle. I clicked ProBuilder2-v2970 package and imported it. After doing all that, there is still no indication in the Tools or Window menus that ProCore is installed. The only related options I can find are Tools > Probuilder > UV Editor Tool. I also installed ProGrids, proGroups, QuickBrush, QuickDecal, and QuickEdit using their respective packages inside the ProCoreCompleteBundle package. I have restarted Unity, and I have even made a new project (a second one) to try again. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. Why can't I find the ProCore toolbar? The toolbars of other utilities like plyGame show up just fine.
  11. Using material editor to apply texture to a face applies it to child objects too. Super duper obnoxious. All the child object's faces also show up in the UV editor, piled on top of the texture. Unity 4.5.5.f1 ProBuilder: 2.3.0f14 revision 2861 Video example:
  12. westingtyler

    Material Applies to Wrong Faces in Element Mode

    Oh, wow, that is great news! You guys are awesome, and your product is amazingly useful. It was one of like 2 pieces of the puzzle that finally made me able to make video games in Unity (the other piece being PlayMaker). Keep up the good work!
  13. Depending upon your increment settings (I use .25), pressing - or + will scale your grid mode by these values: .25___.50___.75___1.00 Firstly, it would be great if we could have a setting that assumes the . so you don't have to type that every time you want to change it. Or more usefully here is an idea that would make manual input of the increment unnecessary, at least in my case. It would be great to be able to set a different scale for the - and + keys. I NEVER use .75, and I often use .0625 and .125. It would be great if there were a setting to make it so that when you press the - key it just cuts your current grid measurement in half, so you would be able to quickly access, for instance, the following measurements: .0625___.125___.25___.5___1 I would find this more useful and easily accessible than the current increment system. Currently either I have to type in the numbers I want that are small, all the time, or I have to set my increment to a ridiculously small amount and cycle backward from 1 all the time, through ALL those numbers, just to get to a small increment.
  14. Allow scale-extrusion centered around individual faces in a selection rather than just around the group. The easiest way to demonstrate what I mean is to select the bottom face of the four legs on a chair and try to extrude in scale mode. Currently, the faces will be bent outward from the center of the chair, but if would be great to be able to tick a box that causes each face to extrude around its own center, allowing you to sculpt the four legs independently but at the same time. This eliminates the need to constantly recheck the math to make sure they are all identical. Here is a video demonstrating the issue:
  15. The problem: I grab a material from the project heirarchy after having selected the faces I want to apply it to. I drag the material to the faces, and after like 15 seconds it updates, showing me it has applied to the entire model. As a result of the associated lag, and the randomness of whether it applies to the correct faces, and the slowness of the Undo feature, it has taken two hours to add textures to a medium-sized level (something I chose to do after slightly modifying the ProBuilder texture on accident erased all the vertex colors from my level.) The level consists of about 10 of the same prefab hallways, each of which have less than 100 polys. Not a big scene, but lots of lag, too, guys! A 55-second video demonstrating the texture bug: