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    Apply Material -> Face selection incorrect

    Not using prefabs, just in a separate scene I'm using to create a library of hallway/room components. I'm using the latest version on the Asset Store (haven't touched anything regarding materials). Let me try moving a face and see what happens... yes, that does fix it too.
  2. Whenever I apply a material to a selection of faces (part of the mesh), the face selection then becomes messed up for some part of the mesh. I click on one face, and another is selected (but not for all faces). It's like the indices of the faces is rearranged for material sorting, but the selection algorithm doesn't know. I've tried a few of the repair options, but I haven't found one that works. What does fix the issue is reloading the scene. But I'd rather not do that constantly when trying to apply some textures.
  3. Radiangames

    How do I reset transforms (exported asset is rotated)

    I figured out a way to do what I want. I reset the rotation back to 0, 0, 0. Then I selected all the faces, and rotated those (instead of the whole object). Now the projectile is facing Z.
  4. I'm trying to build a simple projectile and export it as an asset. The cylinder tool works great for that. However, when I export the object as an asset, the projectile is vertical instead of horizontal (towards Z) like I want it to be (and like it is in the scene). So my question is: How do I reset the transform matrix on a PB object prior to exporting (or how can I modify it easily after)? Bonus question: Is it possible to assign two different materials to submeshes (the exported asset)? So far I haven't figured out a way (aside from exporting two separate meshes). Thanks! Luke
  5. This image demonstrates the exact issue I'm going to talk about: I've been working on customizing ProGrids/ProBuilder quite a bit, and this issue is one I'm not as sure about how to handle. It's kind of a bug, kind of a feature request. Basically, I have ~72 vertices selected here. It's perfectly symmetrical and aligned to the grid, but the averaged pivot is not. It's not aligned because it's using the average of the vertices' positions, which takes into account the selected "vertices" attached to the faces on the right. Even if it didn't, I still wouldn't want this behavior. When you're doing scaling and rotating operations, it's MUCH better to use the average of the min/max of the selected elements. It gives the user much better control over the pivot during these operations. In the example above, you can see how scaling could result in lots of non-grid-aligned verts. So please, use the center of the extents of the selected components for pivot position, not the average of the selected components' positions.
  6. Radiangames

    Suggestion: Add a "solo" button to progroups

    Here's a script to add 2 menu items to the editor (just put it in your Editor directory), and shortcut keys to do what you want: SHIFT+H: Hide Unselected objects CTRL+SHIFT+H: Unhide all using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor; using System.Collections.Generic; public class RadiangamesMenus : ScriptableObject { [MenuItem("Custom/Visibility/Unhide All %#h")] static void UnhideAll() { UnhideAllObjects(); } [MenuItem("Custom/Visibility/Hide Unselected #h")] static void HideUnselected() { HideUnselectedObjects(); } public static void UnhideAllObjects() { object[] obj = GameObject.FindObjectsOfType(typeof(GameObject)); foreach (object o in obj) { GameObject go = (GameObject)o; if (go != null) { ToggleHidden(go, false, true); } } } public static void HideUnselectedObjects() { InvertSelection(); foreach (object o in Selection.objects) { GameObject go = (GameObject)o; if (go != null) { ToggleHidden(go, true); } } InvertSelection(); } public static void ToggleHidden(GameObject go, bool should_hide = false, bool should_unhide = false) { Renderer[] renderers = go.GetComponentsInChildren<Renderer>(); foreach (Renderer r in renderers) { if (should_hide) { r.enabled = false; } else if (should_unhide) { r.enabled = true; } else { r.enabled = !r.enabled; } } } public static void InvertSelection() { List<GameObject> oldSelection = new List<GameObject>(); List<GameObject> newSelection = new List<GameObject>(); foreach (GameObject obj in Selection.GetFiltered(typeof(GameObject), SelectionMode.ExcludePrefab)) oldSelection.Add(obj); foreach (GameObject obj in FindObjectsOfType(typeof(GameObject))) { if (!oldSelection.Contains(obj)) newSelection.Add(obj); } Selection.objects = newSelection.ToArray(); } }
  7. Radiangames

    Drag-to-select vertices is inconsistent

    Just wanted to confirm that I have the same bug. In deferred rendering, the selection box appears about 30-50 pixels above my cursor (in Textured view, not Wireframe). The box itself appears to select as if it were correct, not as if it were misaligned, as far as I can tell. Switching to forward rendering shows the selection box correctly.