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  1. Solus

    ProGrids 2 freezes Unity 5 on OS X

    As of 6a.m. EST 2/28/2015 The version of ProGrids included in the Pro Core Bundle is still having this issue. ProGrids2 v3033
  2. Solus

    2.3 Auto NoDraw Extension

    This is for version 2.3 I'm not sure if you want beta stuff posted here. Feel free to delete if not. I was messing with the Auto Nodraw window tonight. I suspected it might be very handy to have an Invert Selection then apply NoDraw button as well as a Remove NoDraw and Invert Selection then Remove NoDraw buttons. I found it very helpful in fixing some gaps left by my models. I've included a screen shot of what I added. I just cobbled existing stuff together. It could perhaps stand to be refactored a bit especially if any more tools find their way into that window.