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  1. Hi, I've just encountered the same issue on version 2.3.3f1 revision 2970 of the asset store version of probuilder. I have to manually add a RebuildMeshOnWake script for each prefab? Or has this been recognised as a bug and fixed?
  2. blit

    QuickBrush wont paint

    I seem to be having a similar problem. I have a prefab in the quickbrush bar and when I ctrl click to add it to my scene nothing happens. I can see the quickbrush placement icon appear as I click but no prefabs appear. I've reimported quickbrush but still no luck Unity Free 4.6.2.f1, and latest QuickBrush on Macbook Pro.
  3. In case anyone is as foolish as I was - I didn't have the "using ProBuilder2.MeshOperations;" Sorry! It's working now!
  4. Just had a look at this tutorial but it still references pb.Extrude(). I don't seem to have that method when referencing my pb object. pb_Object pb = GetComponent<pb_Object>(); // Call the Extrude extension method by passing an array of faces to extrude, and a distance. // You may even omit the distance paramter and ProBuilder will extrude using a default value. pb.Extrude( new pb_Face[] { pb.faces[0] }, 1f);
  5. Hi, I was trying to extrude some faces on my mesh using the pb.Extrude call shown in the example above but this is not a valid api call anymore. Could someone tell me what the correct way to extrude faces is now in the latest build of ProBuilder?
  6. Hello! I wondered if there was any scripting support for Procore tools? I understand it’s for layout and level design in an intuitive and visual way but I was curious about whether there was an api to interact with the objects, faces, verts etc or is it just the standard unity script approach? I was interested in doing some geometry in the editor and using some procedural techniques for other parts of the level.. am I being crazy or is this possible?