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  1. fairchild671

    QuickDecals Bugs - wrong material assigned when placing decal

    Thought I'd share another workaround I've been using for this issue... After placing all my decals in a scene, I organize them in the Project Hierarchy with sub-directories that are named by the atlas (i.e. all dirt stain decals in a folder named "DirtStains", all sign decals in another named "Signs", etc). That way, whenever I have to modify/rebuild one or more atlases, it's easy to multi-select all existing decals and drag and drop the updated material to apply the change to all of them.
  2. fairchild671

    Updated to 2.0.9 from 2.0.8 and decals and atlases disappeared

    Ah, thanks! The decals are only missing in the QuickDecals window. Also not sure if it helps but I just took a look at my project (using 2.0.8) and the database file is currently in the "Resources/" folder. However when I updated to 2.0.9 the other day it looks like a new database file was created in that "AssetDatabase/" folder. Guess I can try moving that file over after updating.
  3. Hello there, I recently attempted to update QuickDecals from 2.0.8 to 2.0.9 for Mac/Unity 4.6.5 and noticed that all of my projects' decals and atlases are gone. The materials created from 2.0.8 are still there though. I was curious if this is the expected behavior when updating to 2.0.9? Also the release notes in the Asset Store only mention "Unity 5.1 compatibility", but I was curious if there are any bug fixes in this release that might be helpful? I did notice a new "Asset Database" folder/file but didn't get a chance to actually use 2.0.9 since I've got hundreds of decals across many scenes (I'm just going to restore a backup to get everything working again).
  4. fairchild671

    QuickDecals Bugs - wrong material assigned when placing decal

    Just chiming in to say I'm noticing the same issues as mentioned above and have an idea on the workflow at the bottom of the post. Here's what I did: Created 3 atlases named: Signs, DirtStains, and WallSigns and packed them. Then restarted Unity. After re-opening Unity and navigating to the Quick Decals tool, clicking on any of the above atlases always updates the form below with the Group Material set to "Signs" and Name as "Signs" (since it's the first atlas as mentioned in other posts). If I re-adjust the Padding value the "Atlased" button changes to "Pack Decals" again. I then add a new decal to WallSigns, update the Name field to "WallSigns" (hoping it would re-write the selected atlas to a material of that name, not the material selected in the "Group Material" slot). What happens is the selected atlas gets re-packed to the "Signs" material, overwriting the previously existing Signs material. What would be nice to happen (and a few rough ideas): 1. Provide a confirmation dialog of what exactly is happening. Quick example could be: "Overwrite material "[Name]" with the selected atlas?" Just would be great to warn before any destructive actions. 2. Use the "Name" value in the editor as the name of the material to write to. Maybe the Group Material should be named to "Selected Atlas Material" or "Current Atlas Material" or something along those lines? I think I can work around this by copying/re-naming materials before packing/re-atlasing, but it's kind of a pain.
  5. fairchild671

    QuickDecals Bugs - wrong material assigned when placing decal

    Thanks Karl! I've held off on applying any decals or building materials until an update is released. Any news on when it might be available?
  6. Hello there, Just wanted to report a couple bugs I ran into with QuickDecals that I haven't seen yet on Mac. The first issue is when packing multiple atlases the data for the first atlas always shows up in the bottom "Atlas Packing Settings" section. I think this might be related to the second bug... The second issue is when placing decals with multiple packed atlases, the wrong material may be assigned to the decal. In my case placing a decal from the 2nd atlas gets assigned the material from the 1st atlas, causing the wrong texture shows up. Here's a visual repro of both issues: http://gfycat.com/PositiveUncommonAlpinegoat Neither are game breaking as (so far) swapping the material out fixes it. But might not be obvious to others. Thanks