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  1. ricard2798

    PlayMaker Actions for ProBuilder

    Hello Trickyhandz just a heads up that i didn't see you on skype on Sunday. Anyways, I am still interested in getting help if possible. just let me know when its convenient. thanks again
  2. ricard2798

    PlayMaker Actions for ProBuilder

    Hello again. Tried your method and it did not work. Unity did not crash, but the original object remains, and the instantiated probuild object never materializes. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a skype with me. I would screen share so you can see the symptoms and trouble shoot. I could also pay you a little for your time if needed.
  3. ricard2798

    PlayMaker Actions for ProBuilder

    Thanks TrickyHandz: I went ahead and tried it and was able to install the script in the interface perfectly. Yet, When I use it, unity crashes (and pops up the unity error reporting screen). Perhaps I am using the script incorrectly. 1-create an object with pro builder 2-add playmaker fsm to object 3-on first state, i add the probuilder instatiate action. (I asume that then i add probuilder behavior after this, but for testing I just added the isntantiate) 4-select the prefab object (the probuilder object to modify) 5-run my scene Result, crash with error reporting. I tried testing in an empty scene, and whne I run it, it loops a crating of unlimited prefabs (but did not crash). I assume that might be the cause of the crash in my original scene (perhaps out of memory). Anyways, thanks for your help
  4. ricard2798

    PlayMaker Actions for ProBuilder

    Need help. I saved the included script on my unity project, and it resulted in several errors referring to tool tips, and the layout of my unity layout had to be reseted. It also did not shop either playmaker or probuilder interfaces. had to delete the cs script for everything to be back to normal Any help will be appreciated.