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  1. Snazzlebot

    qd_Decal Gizmos freezing/crashing editor

    Cool, cheers Karl
  2. We just updated to Unity 5.1.1f1 and QuickDecals v2.0.9 r.3385 and we're finding that the gizmo rendering for decals are killing the editor when enabled during runtime. We have quite a lot in our scene, perhaps 120ish. If we uncheck 'qd_Decals' in the scene view Gizmos menu, runtime works totally fine. But enabled, the performance completely drops to the point where the editor is frozen. Also, this seems to only occur when both the scene and game views are undocked or visible at the same time. Is this a bug? Or could we be doing something incorrectly? Cheers
  3. Snazzlebot

    What is the correct way to update ProBuilder?

    Hey Karl, just letting you know that using the upgrade-kit solved all my issues. Thanks! Could that package be added to the user toolbox so it's easy to find in future?
  4. Snazzlebot

    Problems upgrading 2.3 - 2.4

    Sure, happy to sometime tomorrow if that's ok. And yeah it's upgrading from 2.4.2f0 to the new 2.4.3p0 with Unity 5.0.0f4 personal (64bit) on windows 8.1 I'll pm some details for screensharing.
  5. Snazzlebot

    Problems upgrading 2.3 - 2.4

    Sounds good, thanks Karl!
  6. Snazzlebot

    Problems upgrading 2.3 - 2.4

    Hey Karl, I'm now finding that only the initial scene I have open during the upgrade process works successfully in regards to fixing references. Once I open a different scene, the scripts are broken as expected but they're also missing the buttons to fix them. If I trigger the fix script from the probuilder repair menu, it iterates over the objects and says it was successful, but nothing is fixed. Similar to the initial problem I was having. It doesn't seem to be related to a specific scene, because I've tried 3 and all work as the initial scene in the upgrade. Just no more scenes after the first will upgrade correctly. Any idea why this would be happening?
  7. Snazzlebot

    Problems upgrading 2.3 - 2.4

    Cool, that must have been it. I've redone it as you said and are seeing the 'reconnect' and 'fix all in scene' buttons for each object. However, I tried to reconnect all in scene but part way through it stopped and an error showed up saying the following: Mesh.colors is out of bounds. The supplied array needs to be the same size as the Mesh.vertices array. UnityEngine.Mesh:set_colors(Color[]) pb_Object:RefreshColor() pb_Object:Refresh() pb_Object:Start() So there must be something wrong with at least one of the objects in the scene which probuilder isn't expecting? However, I can at least reconnect individual objects. It's a bit time consuming but seems like it will work. Cheers
  8. Snazzlebot

    Problems upgrading 2.3 - 2.4

    No I'm not seeing any errors on import. I tried a simpler scene though, and the repair worked. When I opened the scene, all the objects had the new buttons in their own inspector to repair them. In my more complex scene however, this doesn't happen. The new buttons don't show on the objects, and if I run the repair via the tools - probuilder - repair menu, it's says it worked successfully. But all objects are still missing script references. And in the console there's an error "ArgumentException: Getting control 9's position in a group with only 9 controls when doing Repaint" It must be something to do with that particular scene but I'm not sure what.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to upgrade from version 2.3.3f1 to 2.4.1f1 and no matter what I do, the script references stay broken. I delete the previous ProBuilder folder, import the new package, enter a scene and try to repair using the new repair references tool but so far, no luck. If I run the 'Repair missing script references' tool, it says it succeeded for all objects, but the scripts are still missing and I see an error in the console like: ArgumentException: Getting control 15's position in a group with only 15 controls when doing Repaint Aborting UnityEngine.GUILayoutGroup.GetNext () (at C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/EditorGenerated/GUILayoutUtility.cs:513) Can anybody give any tips as to what might be the problem? Thanks!
  10. Snazzlebot

    "Show All" function

    Am really loving progroups, and would love the 'show all in play mode'. Was looking through the docs to see if it was possible. Happy to see it might be coming soon