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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Subdivide and Smooth?   
    What ProBuilder calls subdivision is a little more simplistic than what other 3d modeling apps do. It does cover the adding vertices part, but skips the smoothing step. I think this would be pretty quick to add though - I've got a ticket open and I'll try to get to it soon.
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    wolfen420 reacted to pshenk in Something like "Preserve UV" in ProBuilder?   
    In 3DS Max, there is an option in the edit/editable poly modifier to "preserve UVs". I was wondering if there is, or could be, something like that when editing ProBuilder meshes.

    What it does is attempt to adjust the UV positions as poly verts are being edited, so that there's no stretching after editing the poly elements. It's a huge time saver when making edits like sliding edge loops, adding bevels, and even extruding. Some edits break it, but overall it's very useful... I'm finding I miss it a lot in ProBuilder.

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    wolfen420 reacted to GabrielW in PB Object Extrusion.   
    Yep! That's in our feature-list for that tool, and some related items (like drawing a 2D shape on a graph in the Bezier's inspector, then extruding that shape, and being able to edit it anytime...).
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    wolfen420 got a reaction from karl in OBJ Exported based on Materials?   
    Mesh Deformer https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/41155 on the asset store is the one I was trying to use. I emailed the guy about the OBJ stuff to see if he can resolve it. But of course it would be way cooler if PB just worked with most of this out of the box rather than exporting to OBJ's. I got it working with Dreamteck Splines though https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/61926. I just find dreamteck splines a bit more convoluted to use. Mesh Deformer is a bit more simplistic and to the point for my needs... which is to just deform meshes and extrude on the splines. Dreamteck is much more about splines for animations and other things but has extrusion as well.
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    wolfen420 got a reaction from karl in PB Object Extrusion.   
    Would be neat if we could extrude our PB Object shapes along the new bezier curves / splines and then convert that to a new seperate PB Object or export to an OBJ.
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Don't use UV or vert color?   
    Got this into the current cycle - will be included in the next update.
    See API Examples/Editor/ClearUnusedAttributes.cs for example usage.
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Pivot after merging objects   
    So where is the intended pivot point?  Is it an arbitrary point, or the center?  If the former, there is a feature request floating around to enable setting the position and rotation of a pivot point using handles.  Would that address this for you?
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Help with triggers   
    Looks like you've miss-spelled OnTriggerEnter - the "o" is capitalized.
    void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col) { Debug.Log("collider: " + col.gameObject.name); }  
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    wolfen420 got a reaction from karl in No prefab preview   
    Im like a 100 years late here, but thank god for that tip. So happy to see previews of the prefabs now haha.
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    wolfen420 reacted to ethangross in Noise Brush   
    Forgive me if this has been mentioned or is already a feature somehow or somewhere. After some searching I did not find this as a requested feature so I figured I would throw it out there. Anyone else jazzed by the idea of a "noise" brush feature that generates a controlled amount of random noise to the mesh surface when used? Would be nice to give some subtle differentiation in the surface of your model. Just an idea. 
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    wolfen420 got a reaction from GabrielW in Making a slant roof   
    Next best thing to a target weld I guess haha.
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    wolfen420 got a reaction from GabrielW in Making a slant roof   
    TIL you could collapse to first vert.
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Making a slant roof   
    That was just added in the last update
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    wolfen420 reacted to GabrielW in Making a slant roof   
    Hi there! Here's the quick demo vid, let me know if I misunderstood anything or need to clarify:
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Texture Blend not painting   
    Are you using it with a ProBuilder created mesh?  If so, you can work around the bug by using the "ProBuilder/Actions/Strip ProBuilder Scripts" menu item for that object.  I'm working on a fix for it in the next release (or possibly the next - it's one that requires a ProBuilder update as well).
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in 2.5D Object creation   
    Or this https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/3391   
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in 45 degree grid / local rotation grid?   
    It's not at the moment, but that's a good feature request.  I'm planning on revisiting ProGrids in the next few weeks for an update, will try to include this.
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    wolfen420 reacted to Dock in 45 degree grid / local rotation grid?   
    Is it possible to rotate the grid, or possibly have the grid rotation/origin relative to a gameobject?  
    I really like ProGrids, but being locked to worldspace is limiting sometimes.
    Some objects in my map are rotated by 30 or 45 degrees on the Y axis, and I tend to rely on localPosition to keep them snapped to a grid, but ProGrids no longer works for these items.  
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    wolfen420 got a reaction from karl in Problems with UV   
    I  may be wrong here. But I see on your material its tiling is set to 25 on x and y. Did you try setting that to 1?
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Don't expand groups   
    Update - just added this in (plus per-group expandos and some nice visual tweaks).  Will push update to Asset Store in the next day or two.
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    wolfen420 got a reaction from dpolyakov in Working with edges   
    Here's another vote for that feature. I'd certainly have a lot of uses for it too.
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Working with edges   
    > An idea would have an option to have an edge handle with one axis to be parallel to it's surface normal.

    I think this is close to what I'm planning to do regarding this issue - basically a "Set Handle Orientation to Face" that allows you to set the handle pivot and rotation to a face normal.  That would address this problem I believe.
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Extrude As A Group Buggy? ProBuilder Advanced 2.5.0f0   
    We've bounced around a number of project management solutions, Trello being one of them.  The trouble with it is that it's not featured enough to be used as an actual bug tracker, so it would just be something updated in addition to the actual tracker (which I don't want to do).  
    I've been migrating our codebase to Github over the last month and working on setting up the organization such that members can view and contribute issues, and watch active development, which I think will be a better solution.
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    wolfen420 reacted to karl in Feature Request: Export Mesh   
    There isn't one built in, but you could use the free implementation here to do that:  http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=ObjExporter 
    This is the same one the exporting in ProBuilder is based on.
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    wolfen420 reacted to andyz in Adding new geometry creation   
    Yes, because it is a modification of the curved stairs code which constrains the edges to 90 degrees. The difficult bit is steps that span corners so have to be split.
    I don't know the best way of sharing it...