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  1. wolfen420

    Probuilder Objects Dissapearing

    Nice subtle change there to the car movement (along with other subtle bits). Why not have that last guy run off in fear? Otherwise... bloody murder of marshmallows (?) is quite hilarious.
  2. wolfen420

    What happened to Generate Shadow Object

    This should just be enabled by default guys. Could of used that ages ago lol.
  3. wolfen420

    Pipe Shapes not lining up to other shapes.

    My suggestion is to set the pivots via vertex on the objects like so. (Sorry for the green stuff, not sure what happened there lol)
  4. wolfen420

    PB Object Extrusion.

  5. wolfen420

    OBJ Exported based on Materials?

    Mesh Deformer https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/41155 on the asset store is the one I was trying to use. I emailed the guy about the OBJ stuff to see if he can resolve it. But of course it would be way cooler if PB just worked with most of this out of the box rather than exporting to OBJ's. I got it working with Dreamteck Splines though https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/61926. I just find dreamteck splines a bit more convoluted to use. Mesh Deformer is a bit more simplistic and to the point for my needs... which is to just deform meshes and extrude on the splines. Dreamteck is much more about splines for animations and other things but has extrusion as well.
  6. wolfen420

    OBJ Exported based on Materials?

    Naw, that didn't work with the tool I am trying to use. Go figure.
  7. wolfen420

    OBJ Exported based on Materials?

    @karl Another issue is, PB doesn't seem to play well with a lot of the spline tools that "extrude" or "loft" shapes. I can't get it to work with a couple of them that I have purchased. I try to export to OBJ at least and the whole one object per material thing screws them up as well. I guess for a hack I can export to obj using one material only and then do the lofting, then re-probuilderize, but you can see how annoying that will get. This is obviously one reason why I am asking for your beziers to work with lofting / extruding your own pb objects. It would be amazingly beneficial. On the topic of Beziers, you should get more shapes than cylinder I hope. Squares, planes, etc. Check out Quake 3's bezier stuff for an idea hehe.
  8. wolfen420

    OBJ Exported based on Materials?

    For the Asset export it simply does nothing other than create an empty directory for pb asset exports.
  9. wolfen420

    Clipping / Cutting tool ?

    Asked for this a long ways back.
  10. Maybe I am not familiar with OBJ or maybe that I just never used the exporter of PB. Why is it exporting an object 3 materials as 3 sub objects? Wouldn't it just be one object with 3 materials applied? Also exporting to .asset doesn't work at all.
  11. wolfen420

    PB Object Extrusion.

    Would be neat if we could extrude our PB Object shapes along the new bezier curves / splines and then convert that to a new seperate PB Object or export to an OBJ.
  12. wolfen420

    Pivot after merging objects

    Awesome. Glad it worked.
  13. wolfen420

    Pivot after merging objects

    That would indeed be a really handy feature.
  14. wolfen420

    Pivot after merging objects

    Do you have room to put a dummy plane that is centered at the place you want the pivot? Then merge it with the other objects, then select all of its vertices and set pivot. Should center it on that dummy plane. Then just delete the plane once you verified the pivot is where you want it.
  15. wolfen420

    Help with triggers

    Exactly why I do not want to code (non visually) haha