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  1. That makes sense. Thanks Karl!
  2. I am having the same issue with prefabs. This only happens after I prefab a PB object, then make changes to the UV. Removing the prefab (GameObject | Break Prefab Instance) allows the edits to be saved.
  3. StonePaleAle

    Ambiguous reference 'constructor': UnityEngine.GUIContent

    Got version 1.4 - problem solved. Thanks Gabriel!
  4. Just imported QuickEdit, and received this message for two spots in code: Ambiguous reference 'constructor': UnityEngine.GUIContent QuickEdit v1.2 Unity 4.3.1f1 Is there a new version of QuickEdit? Thanks!
  5. StonePaleAle

    'Static' objects warp to an alternative location

    Cool. This was bugging me until I figured out what it was. Agree that it should be down on the list. Thanks!
  6. StonePaleAle

    'Static' objects warp to an alternative location

    I have figured out how to duplicate. ProBuilder Objects Vanishing Windows 7 64bit, Unity 4.0.1f2, ProBuilder 2v535 Probuilder Objects are vanishing when running a scene. I narrowed it down to the current selected item. Steps: Here is a scene with two objects. Neither are selected. Run scene, and they both appear. Select one object and run scene. It vanishes Uncheck the static option for that selected object, and run scene while it is still selected. It doesn't vanish. Nothing else in the scene besides the terrain, camera, ProGrids, and the two ProBuilder objects. I was able to duplicate when adding new objects and selecting them. If I selected multiple objects, the first one selected would vanish when running the scene. Let me know if you need more information. Hope this helps!
  7. StonePaleAle

    'Static' objects warp to an alternative location

    I am having the same issue. (Android Project) I disabled static batching - left objects as static - This fixed the issue. While I was having the issue: Static batching was enabled. (Disabling fixed the issue). No scaling w/o window open. No prefabs. 4 objects in the scene. Also - I set one no draw plane on two objects, and still get this message when I hit play. (Static batching is disabled). Static batching is enabled, nodraw faces must be hidden before entering Play mode. When building executables, you may use the Project-wide Hide Nodraw Action, located in Window/ProBuilder/Actions/ to hide all nodraw faces in every scene. UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object) pb_Entity:Awake() If I set those two object to non-static, there is no error message.
  8. StonePaleAle

    BETA: Export to OBJ feature in 1.6.5b

    I was able to export single and multiple objects and open in Blender. Having the issue with the center being off, but the size is fine. They are exporting as separate faces. Was this intended?
  9. StonePaleAle

    ProBuilder & ProGrids Dockable?

    Thanks for this. I did the same for ProGrids as well, although the button graphics for the grid measurement are a little skewed.
  10. StonePaleAle

    [FIXED] Apply textures gets stuck on

    I had the same issue as well. No longer happening for me with v1.6.4. Thanks!
  11. StonePaleAle

    Other tools w/ProBuilder

    All good. Thanks!
  12. StonePaleAle

    Other tools w/ProBuilder

    Looking at these videos: Are you using both ProGrids and QuickEdit, or are these tools part of ProBuilder?
  13. StonePaleAle

    ProBuilder "Demo" or "Trial" Version?

    I would love to see one. Either a stripped down version or a full featured trial. Maybe full featured version and not allow saving? Might be frustrating, but would give the user a good idea of what he/she needs to know before making a purchase. From the few examples I have seen, and the videos, it looks to be an amazing tool. But a dangling a carrot with a trial or demo version couldn't hurt.
  14. StonePaleAle

    Subway and Tunnel

    Those look amazing!