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  1. Skyvu_Bevins

    ProGroups 'Groups' errors

    Not the case at the start, but I am getting that now that I am up and running, So that you that will come in handy
  2. Skyvu_Bevins

    ProGroups 'Groups' errors

    Just wanted to update you, I was able to get proGroups working. Turns out an editor we use for setting up events/spawns/ect was using a group call. So that is taken care of now and everything is working on that end. Now I just need to figure out the issue with missing reference excepetion and the game objects with proGrid. Thanks alot for your help.
  3. Skyvu_Bevins

    ProGroups 'Groups' errors

    Hi Gabriel, Appreciate the response. It is currently a rather large project, but we have minimal third party tools so Im going to eliminate them first and then work through our own tools. Heres hoping its an easy fix, but can atleast still get a few things functioning in the other tools. Ill give it a shot and see what I can find, but even with things being weird with our project the tools are still incredibly useful. so thank you. I will make sure they are in the next project from the start so this hopefully will not be a problem. Appreciate your time. Chris
  4. Skyvu_Bevins

    ProGroups 'Groups' errors

    Hi, So I just bought the Pro Core Bundle today. Mostly for probuilder, progrids, and progroups, but couldn't pass on the rest of them. Anyways I got ProBuilder and Progrids installed and running fine, however when I import ProGroups it throws these errors: Assets/ProCore/ProGroups/Scripts/Editor/ProGroups_Window.js(142,44): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'Group': Group, Group. Assets/ProCore/ProGroups/Scripts/Editor/ProGroups_Window.js(249,41): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'Group': Group, Group. Assets/ProCore/ProGroups/Scripts/Editor/ProGroups_Window.js(294,48): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'Group': Group, Group. It will not work, and if I restart the editor it removes both ProBuilder and ProGrids, unless you delete the ProGroups Folder. Any help is solving this would be great, currently on Unity3D version 4.3.4f1 Thanks