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  1. Boldee

    Pro Builder crashes with Substances in Unity 4.5.3

    Well at least we have eliminated that as a possible issue, I just have substances in a folder in my project called textures. I will ask our substance creator to see if he can help solve your problem.
  2. Boldee

    Pro Builder crashes with Substances in Unity 4.5.3

    We use Substance designer and create all our own substances, as far as I am aware we have never used the database. I seem to remembers something about having to enable tessellation shaders for our substances to work correctly.....
  3. Boldee

    Pro Builder crashes with Substances in Unity 4.5.3

    I'm using the latest version of Unity and currently PB beta but previously the standard PB release, we don't use standard textures in our project only substances and we have had no problems what so ever, are you trying to drag the substance onto the pb_object or using the UV Editor?
  4. Boldee

    Floor plans

    Thanks Tricky, if it works don't fix it and all that
  5. Boldee

    Does ProBuilder work with substances?

    All of our materials for the Nadorian project are substances and they work with PB no problem at all
  6. Boldee

    Leicester Abbey

    Thanks guys It's unlikely I will take this actual model any further at this point but it will be modified for our needs, that will be skinned and detailed so I will show you guys that one when its finished, I showed this to our texture guy today and he made a funny noise and then passed out lol.
  7. Boldee

    Leicester Abbey

    One of the buildings I am creating for Nadorian the rpg I am working on is based on Leicester Abbey, the Abbey no longer exists and only the foundations remain. We wont be using the Abbey layout as an Abbey but as an exercise I have recreated an un detailed model that I thought I would share with the community, in total it took 10 hours to complete. Leicester Abbey
  8. Boldee

    Pixel House

    Looking good so far, keep up the good work
  9. Boldee

    Floor plans

    I'm just wondering, what is the correct way to add a floor plan of a building or level to build from using PB? I have searched for an answer to this via Google and I'm getting the search criteria wrong I guessing as getting an answer on the unity forums by just searching is like pulling teeth. The way I have done this is to texture a Plane with my plan but I'm not convinced this is the most efficient method, looking at the E1M1 vids Gabriel does not appear to have done it this way although I could be wrong.
  10. You will have a 6 by 7 folder as well as a ProCore folder if you are using any of the freebie tools, QuickOffset and Populate.
  11. Boldee

    Pixel House

    Looks interesting
  12. Boldee

    [Fixed] Error Spam in Latest Beta

    Ignore this post, just checked its a different error. Isn't this the ProGrids error Karl?
  13. Boldee

    Arched doorway

    Gabriel and Karl would be the ones to talk to but I know Gabriel wants to add more detail eventually to deal with such things.
  14. Boldee

    Hello all.

    I wish my story team would give me straight forward structures to build but they insist on odd shapes, I'm half expecting them to ask for a dodecahedron shaped building next lol. Temple I still have a lot to do and some of the substances are going to be changed and images that are place holders such as the window, still need to align some of the UV's as well.
  15. Boldee

    Arched doorway

    Agreed, on the to do list I'm sure