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  1. SteveW555

    Is extrude with copy possible?

    Yes, ideally. A good example of the need for this is when extruding solitary edges; the faces this creates can very difficult to give thickness to, without building a few temporary faces to bridge to.
  2. Is it possible, as you extrude a face, to leave the original copy where it was? e.g. if you did this to a single quad you would end up with a cube. (I usually model in Cinema 4D where this is the default mode, but also switchable) Thanks Steve
  3. SteveW555

    Quick Paint not working

    Good to know, thanks Karl.
  4. SteveW555

    Quick Paint not working

    Hi, Any progress on getting this to work in the current versions? (2.2.5 & U4.5.3) Thanks.
  5. SteveW555

    Quick Edit Not working - can't select vertices

    Hi, As there were no comments on this or this : http://www.protoolsforunity3d.com/forum/index.php?/topic/637-quick-decal-bug-shift-rightclick-doesnt-place-decal/ It seems both bugs have been fixed with today's update for Unity 4.5
  6. Unity 4.3.4, Mac - QD shift-Right click doesn't place decal. QD 2.0.1 (I _think_! All the pdfs and change logs show slightly different versions for each utility in the utilities bundle) Edit -- Control-Shift-Click seems to work.
  7. Hi, I'm on Unity 4.3.4 (Mac) Latest version of QuickEdit 1.1.0 included with ProUtilities bundle (bought today). No vertices can be selected by with dragging or clicking. Is this a problem with the bundle? Does the standalone version work - and is it the same version number? Thanks Steve Edit -- Control-Shift-Drag seems to work.
  8. SteveW555

    Quick Paint not working

    Yup, can confirm, just tried it in 2.2.4 and it works.
  9. SteveW555

    Quick Paint not working

    Hi, I'm on Unity 4.3.4 (Mac) Latest version of ProBuilder 2.2.5. Quick Paint in the texture window does not work for me by control-shift left clicking (or any other key combo). The only way I can add texture is to highlight-select faces, and then apply. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks Steve