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  1. ian lett

    Problem adding edges with Alt E

    Thanks for the workaround, I was trying all sorts of things to get round this, its odd the movable tool bar and select box displacement are intermittent, some times its in the right place and sometimes not,
  2. ian lett


    I would certainly appreciate a sphere and hemisphere primitive
  3. ian lett

    Extrude by Value

    I would love to be able to select an edge or edges and the extrude them by a simple multiple of units , in stead of dragging, this would make building large areas or complex objects easy
  4. ian lett

    Problem adding edges with Alt E

    TOOL: Probuilder 2.2.3 build 1872 ENVIRONMENT: Windows 7 x64 - Unity 4.5.1f3 PROBLEM: when I try to add an edge between 2 selected edges it pulls and distorts the surrounding geometry. DETAIL: I am trying to build an underground complex and I am using planes that I then extrude to create rooms and corridor's but for some reason it suddenly starts to distort the surrounding geometry when I add a edge, it can be hit and miss, if I try on a small set of geometry it may not happen, I have also notices that the on screen bar (Top|Geometry|Texture) covers the upper meny bar (2d/light ect) in 3d mode but is back in the right place in 2d mode, and in 3d mode drag select boxes are displaced up and left a bit it may be relegated but the distortion occurs in both 3d and 2d view mode. RECREAT: all sizes in M 1 create a plane 30x3 with 0 subdivides 2 Extrude both long edges out by 1 3 Extrude all outside edges up by 4 4 Extrude all outside edges up by 1 this creates my base geometry so I can ad edges and cut doors 5 now on 1 wall select the edge at 4 and the bottom edge below it 6 ALT E to connect the edges this will add the edge but it will pull the surrounding edges (topmost down) and the inner edge on the floor towards the new edge splitting the face but not always adding extra vertexes. I have been using this method to create rooms and corridor's fine but for some reason it now causes this problem, it has been intermittent , if I try to connect 2 edges on a planer its fine it only seems to happen with the combination of large size and extrusion. I cant get images to insert form my dropbox so I have attached a before and after image
  5. ian lett

    Greetings All

    Not Sure, some of the classic retro games had a great look and feel, and it may be worth replicating that (the colours in many llamasoft games, and the simple playability make them very addictive, even today), but I have seen how new technology has greatly enhanced old game franchise like Mario Bros, and donkey Kong so adding some modern tweaks is also a possibility, for now however I am looking for a simple project to get to know unity and probilder better
  6. ian lett

    snapping when Extruding,

    Hi All, not sure where to go with this one so here I am, I am using probuilder 2 v187 and progrig 2 v154 and I cant seem to get extrusion to 'Snap' properly, no matter what I set the snap grid to I cant get it to work if I select a face or edge and hold down CTRL when I begging to extrude it only snaps at 1 meter if I hold down shift it is free moving with no snap at all so any help here would be most grateful Regards Ian
  7. ian lett

    Greetings All

    Hi All, I am Ian an old skool coder from the 80's, wrote code for Atari 130xe, and Dragon, now I am getting older, (and slower), I am playing with unity and ProBuilder/ProGrid, maybe re work some of the old retro classics in it, maybe attack of the mutant camels or 3d Ant Attack