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  1. SteveSwink

    Obj Exporter Failing(?) - Issue: Huge Scene Files

    Ah great, thanks for the gif and the excellent explanation. I am used to doing the export from the top menu. The working file size thing is an issue for sure. Glad you're thinking about it :).
  2. SteveSwink

    Obj Exporter Failing(?) - Issue: Huge Scene Files

    Thanks for the prompt reply! I did force refresh the scene as I saw your comment about that on a different thread. That's how I got from 70->67. I'm afraid I can't locate the Include Children option. Is this is in Probuilder Preferences or...? RE Prefabs. I did a test with a different OBJ exporter (which doesn't respect pb materials.) Saved all the geometry out, which created an OBJ that was 40mb. I took that into Maya, did a simple Merge Vertexes operation, and then re-exported to FBX. The result of that was a 6mb file. I guess I'm just feeling like there's nowhere near 70mb of mesh data here either way? Thanks again! -S
  3. SteveSwink

    Obj Exporter Failing(?) - Issue: Huge Scene Files

    And note that in the second screen, I'm only trying to export a small sub set of the level. Ideally I could just grab the root and export.
  4. Hey folks! I may just be attempting to use the tool in a weird way but I'm having some trouble and haven't seen anyone else reporting similar as I look around. My working style is to build out levels with pseudo-art. See attached. My intention is to export all the static geometry to OBJ and do proper art in Maya. I like using Probuilder because it keeps everything fluid and easy for design. I can quickly build out levels and change everything quickly and easily without having to go into my 3d modeling program. So far, so great. Right now I'm running into two problems: 1. My scene files are getting very large. The file pictured is around 70mb. I realize this is because the mesh data is all stored in the scene. I've tried using the experimental Meshes Are Assets feature, but this does not significantly change the scene size. The scene goes down to around 67mb. This is a big problem for work flow because at 70mb or 67mb it takes 20-30 seconds to run and to stop my Unity scene. This time adds up quickly and especially creates friction for other team members. Plus, this slow load time translates to built versions of the game as well. It's just a huge scene file. Maybe something I'm doing is confounding the Meshes as Assets; I'm not sure. This scene has around 180k triangles. A similarly sized scene exported from Maya should be around 5-6mb. 2. I would be ok with this as a temporary trade off but now that I'm trying to export my file I find that the OBJ exporter is failing with no explanation (see attached screen #2.) It simply says 'User Canceled' [sic] with no additional info. Halp! I love the tool and hugely credit it for my being able to design the game the way I want <3.
  5. This fixed the issue. Sorry, I was so excited I forgot to post. It should be noted, though, that this issue came back when I updated Probuilder, so I had to replace ProBuilderMenuItems again...
  6. ha ha no caps lock is not toggled and SceneView tab is not in focus - the problem is in Project, Inspector, and Hierarchy tabs where I cannot type capital P, G, and H. Even if I toggle capslock to on I can't get a P, G, or H character. Only p, g, h...
  7. Okay so I reverted my project, updated Probuilder version to 2.2.5 and it worked fine. Today I've done some work and now P, G, and H are not working again. Any thoughts? This is a huge bummer
  8. And of course as soon as I type that, all my PB objects are missing monobehaviors. I'm guessing this has been reported elsewhere...
  9. OKAY I deleted the 6by7 Folder, re-downloaded the plugin twice in the Unity downloader and re-imported and it finally installed the correct version. The capitalizing issue is gone, hooray. And now this thread can die
  10. Ah yeah, hmm. Looks like the Asset store downloader thinks it has the latest but when I import it keeps installing 2.2.4f. Not sure if the update would fix my issue, but it'd be nice to be on the latest...
  11. 1) Name of tool Probuilder 2) A brief description of the issue With probuilder installed I can't type uppercase P or uppercase G anywhere in the Unity editor. For example, if I try to name a script, I can type lowercase p or g, but not shift+P. 3) Your system environment (Operating system, version of Unity, version of tool) Windows 8, Unity 4.3.4f1, Probuilder 2.2.4f0 (is there a later one? If so, update tool isn't finding it...) 4) Full description of issue Today for reasons unknown Probuilder started superceding my Editor shift+p / shift+g. Looking at the ProbuilderMenuItems.cs, I think the problem may be related to lines 64-69. If I put a Debug Log in there, I see it when pressing Shift+P, even when I'm in Project or Inspector text fields. 5) List of steps, clearly explaining how to replicate the issue I don't have repro steps other than 'use probuilder for a few weeks.' Nothing I know of has changed with Probuilder. Been using it happily for weeks. Somehow I'm in this state and can't get out of it. I reinstalled Probuilder; no luck. If I completely delete Probuilder from my project, the problem goes away. 6) Any other comments/etc Help would be most appreciated - a very annoying issue!
  12. SteveSwink


    Cheers gents! I'm in that 'only see the flaws' phase...which is pretty much all of game development for me, ha ha.
  13. SteveSwink

    Chamfer Edges

    +1 for chamfer / bevel faces, edges, and verticies
  14. This is the one thing I miss from all other 3d programs I've used. If I'm selecting a bunch of faces and I mis-click I want to be able to hit ctrl-z and have my last selection set restored. Part of what makes this a real workflow problem is the selection of faces is a little bit rough. When I try to select a bunch of faces in sequence by clicking on them, my selection set is often cleared. This is annoying and seems like something that could use improvement. Either way, being able to redo/undo my selection changes is necessary in my opinion. Thanks for the wonderful tool!
  15. SteveSwink


    Hey I'm Steve Swink. I'm working on SCALE: http://scale-game.com/