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  1. It might be as simple as casting to a RectTransform (if it's a UGUI obj) and positioning it that way?
  2. The text is not returning to the same position - it's a few pixels out - sometimes it snaps perfectly, but only if I release the mouse very close to the progrids snap point. I'm also getting similar behaviour when I duplicate objects, and also when I position the child objects without ProGrids, then move the parent objects WITH ProGrids; the child text snaps to the closest snap point that relates to the grid size I've got selected.
  3. Hey guys, I've just been playing with ProBuilder and Unity UI's canvas - it seems that when I move an object with ProGrids turned on, child objects don't always snap to the grid. It seems to affect an object if the Unity UI Canvas is used in world space. See the YT vid below for more info! ProBuilder 2.4.7f0 ProGrids 2.2.4f0
  4. Spikeh

    Cleaning up objects...

    I'll believe it when I see it Only took 14 months! But seriously, thanks Karl, if it is fixed!
  5. Spikeh

    Faces not rendered during build

    I don't instantiate any PB objects at runtime. I have a single PB prefab (an temporary elevator I've created this since the issue started occurring), but the instances are in the world when things build (its a moveable). Ever other PB object is instantiated at design-time. I'm on 2.3.2f0 build 2931 btw When I last upgraded PB, I was asked to do something with UVs (it was a while ago). Nothing seemed to be affected, but I probably didn't build the game for a while after that - I have a feeling that may have affected something? Just in case this makes any difference, I use both static & dynamic batching, and occlusion culling (though I have disabled this to test things with this issue).
  6. Spikeh

    Faces not rendered during build

    Hmm, yes it does!
  7. Spikeh

    Faces not rendered during build

    I've recently got onto this again recently - removed ALL probuilder objects from the scene and the remaining objects render correctly. Disabling the objects doesn't help, but deleting them entirely solves the problem. Are you able to provide any more support / help on this? As things stand, we'll be replacing most of the PB objects eventually (though this won't be any time soon), but right now we need to build the scene regularly, and I would like to leave a vast number of PB objects in the scene as placeholders.
  8. Spikeh

    Faces not rendered during build

    I've struggled to repo this in another scene I'm afraid. I'll PM you my skype deets.
  9. Spikeh

    Faces not rendered during build

    I tried disabling OC last week, and it produces the same result - just tried it again, and all it does is show all the non static objects all the time: This is definitely related to the static objects. Where is the BuildSceneTest scene? I don't have it?
  10. Hi there, I've been having a problem with objects marked as static not rendering during a build if static batching is enabled. Not sure when this started happening as I don't run a build that often! I put a video together to show the issue in more detail: I have tried creating a new scene with new probuilder objects and testing to see if it happens then, but everything works fine. I've tried the same with custom meshes in a new scene, so I can only assume there is an object or two in the existing scene that is screwing something up. Seeing as though most of my objects are probuilder objects, I thought I would check with you guys first before I approached Unity themselves. I have tried to build the game with many of the in-game objects disabled, though I imaging they would need to be deleted from the scene for them to be ignored by Unity. I still get the issue. I've tried to run all of the probuilder "fix" scripts that I thought were relevant, and deleted all nodraw faces in the scene (I hope - I only used 2 in my recollection), but this still happens. I'm on probuilder 2.3.2f0 revision 2931. Any advice or direction would be great, because as it stands, I'm in a bit of a pickle!
  11. Spikeh

    Cleaning up objects...

    Well, they're Unity messages. And no, there's no way of getting rid of them that I'm aware of. However, since I started using the cleanup tools in probuilder, they don't bother me at all, as I can clear up the probuilder messages and check for any relevant messages from other parts of my game easier.
  12. Spikeh

    QuickDecals 2.0.4 2378 Window Bug?

    Image is attached... Yeah, he "solved" it I didn't realise you could switch between modes. Strange this is the only window that appears like that, though.
  13. Hey guys, Just decided to take a look at quick decals to start adding detail to my environment - but the window seems like it's a bit screwed up. I've attached a pic of the window - sorry it's so low quality, you've only allowed 10KB uploads to the forum I'm using the latest version of Unity (4.5.0f6). It seems to work other than that, though!
  14. Spikeh

    QuickDecals 2.0.1 2323

    I bought from the website, so I don't have it in my asset store. Can someone send it to me please?
  15. Spikeh

    QuickDecals 2.0.1 2323

    I've installed everything I've been sent. The version I have is in the subject: v2.0.1 - 2323