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    Some problems/remarks when performing a clean install

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback. For the directory issue, I'll port over a neat directory getter/creator from another tool I worked on. The LOD preview thing is something that hasn't come up before, so thanks for letting me know about it. I'll see what I can do. Cheers
  2. playTangent

    QuickBrush missing thumbnails

    Try forcing a re-import on the assets in question. Right Click Context Menu / Reimport. Let me know if it works. I may try to automate this (ie if thumbnail is blank, try to refresh assets - give up after a few attempts so as not to endlessly refresh incompatible assets) Cheers
  3. playTangent

    QuickBrush Drag'n'Drop not working

    Thanks, wolfen. This would be my first suggestion also.
  4. playTangent

    Group Names

    QickBrush pre-pends "QB_Group_" to group GameObjects when they're created. This is just intended to make it easier to search for them in the hierarchy. But Manually renaming a group GameObject once it's created won't break anything, since the actual group names used by the editor (sans prefix) are stored as variables in instances of the qb_Group component script. Anyway, since there's no interface setting to change the naming behavior right now, you can open the script qb_Painter.cs and go to line 2871. And there you can change or remove the prefix.
  5. playTangent

    QuickBrush won't paint continuously

    Cool. Good to hear.
  6. playTangent

    QuickBrush won't paint continuously

    Hi, QB is on version 1.1.1e right now. You should be able to check the version you have by pulling up the quick brush "About" window in the editor. The last time I had a bug report similar to this, it was a Unity API compatibility issue that I patched in the latest release. So, let's make sure you're on the current release, and we can start figuring it out from there. Also, it would help me if you could give me the full Unity version number too. Thanks
  7. playTangent

    QuickBrush and Progrids 2?

    I'm shooting for July 1st. Will be posting some stuff real soon.
  8. playTangent

    QuickBrush wont paint

    Hi. For some reason I didn't get (or missed) a notification about your post. Thanks for reporting the bug. Please let me know the version of unity and the version of qb you're using. I'll look into this first thing tomorrow morning.
  9. playTangent

    Keep initial scale, of separate original objects

    The Old Way: Currently, qb applies the value selected or randomized in the scaling foldout as the absolute scale value of the objects it places. So, to retain the original scale you would set the quickBrush scaling foldout values to 1,1,1 and make sure that the top transform of your prefab also has it's scale set to 1,1,1. If the models in your prefab have to be scaled differently, you can still get the same effect by parenting them to a transform scaled 1,1,1 and saving that as your prefab. The New Way: I made an update (v1.1.1d) to get rid of the hassle. It just adds a toggle between 'absolute' and 'prefab relative' scale to the scaling foldout, allowing you to use scale as a modifier on top of your prefab's saved scale. I'll submit it tomorrow. I just want to run a test in unity 5 first. PS: captainpoc, I believe I replied to you by e-mail and sent you the update, but I'm posting here for anyone else who might be wondering.
  10. playTangent

    QuickBrush and Progrids 2?

    Hi Bigleux, Sorry to disappoint. They're not set up to work together right now. I've definitely thought about it, since I've received a few requests to add grid snapping to quickBrush in the past. At first I thought this would be a pretty obvious and straight-forward addition, but as I started experimenting with it, it became clear that a proper tile-based level tool would need a number of features that don't fit into QB's design. But I have good news. That very tool is coming soon, and it's going to be sweet . Some stuff will end up filtering back into quickBrush, too. (hoping to have a beta within a month). SP
  11. playTangent

    QuickBrush wont paint

    Hi, blit I think you have an older version with a known bug. The latest update hasn't passed the review process in the asset store yet. I can e-mail you the unitypackage. May I use the the e-mail address you have listed on your forum profile? If that doesn't help, we can troubleshoot from there.
  12. playTangent

    Project won't build with QuickBrush in it

    Thanks for the info. I was actually e-mailed about this by another user a few days ago. Turned out to be a minor oversight in the 1.1.1b update. The fix, 1.1.1c has been submitted to the asset store last week, but I don't think it's up yet. So anyone seeing this issue, please e-mail playTangent@proCore3d.com with your invoice number and I'll send back the updated unitypackage.
  13. playTangent

    QB 1.1.1 micro update (soon)

    I have gotten some bug reports lately concerning painting in the new version. Thanks to user feedback, I've been able to track the issue and fix it. I've also made some very small changes to the way brushes are displayed, and removed the "scatter radius" option as it was just a modifier on brush size and seemed redundant. An updated version of quickBrush will be headed to the asset store shortly. I'll post here when it's up. A larger update will be coming in a month or two.
  14. playTangent

    QuickBrush wont paint

    Hi, Are you the dude who e-mailed me, whose problem resolved itself following a few restarts? The problem seems to be occuring due to Unity failing to compile the tool when it's imported. It's tough to reproduce. Seems to only occur rarely, and seems to be solved when Unity finally compiles the tool. I think you can use the right-click command "Re-Import" to force a recompile. One thing I'm curious to know is if you imported qb over a previous version of qb or was it a fresh import. I'll probably make a dll version of qb that won't run into this problem.
  15. playTangent

    QB doesn't work in Unity 4.6.x?

    Can you send me a screen cap of your setup, with prefabs, etc .. and the qb dropdowns open so I can see the options? Just in case its something I can spot. playTangent@proCore3d.com
  16. playTangent

    QB doesn't work in Unity 4.6.x?

    I've had another similar report that resolved itself after a few Unity restarts. I think what happened in that case was that when the new version of qb was loaded into the project, Unity did not re-compile it correctly. Using the reimport right-click comand on the project, or just on the proCore folder, may force it to compile and fix the issue. If not, we can investigate further. If it does work, I should probably provide a pre-compiled dll in future versions to prevent the issue.
  17. playTangent

    Trees moving to the wind

    Yup. Looks like I'm a bit late to the party. For those who may be curious, wind zones work with Unity's tree creator. So if you use the Unity tree creator pack, included with unity, to create the prefabs you wish to place, they should work with the wind zones. Of course you could build your own system for that as well. QB just places the prefabs you provide.
  18. playTangent

    QuickBrush 1.1.0 Coming Soon

    Hi, guys. I just sent out an early version of QB 1.1 to registered users. If all goes well, we'll catch any remaining issues and it will be submitted to the asset store by the end of the week. The new version has a bunch of improvements and additions, including the ability to use multiple brushes in tandem, and a tab-style interface for managing loaded templates. Many efficiency issues and bugs have been slain, too. Here's the Change Log (tweaky under the hood stuff omitted for brevity) New Feature: Multi-brush painting. Use multiple brushes simultaneously, each with its own settings. New Feature: Added a master On/Off toggle which allows the user to free up the hotkeys used by qb without closing the tool window. (just click on the brush indicator icon to turn qb on/off) New Feature: Tab Based Interface New Feature: Prefab list display can be toggled between scrollable and grid mode New Feature: qb now comes pre-compiled as a dll (release version only) New Feature: Improved handling of tool closure - Templates are maintained between sessions without saving along with things like which prefab is selected, so when the tool is closed for a moment, it can be re-opened with all settings intact. New Feature: Improved save system - among other improvements, qb notices attempts to override existing templates, and throws many useful dialogs for greater clarity of usage. New Feature: Improved handling of groups - (groups are no longer stored by index, but can be recreated at paint time from stored names). Also Group erasing options are applied in a better way, allowing, for example, to erase only objects that belong to no groups New Feature: Improved cursor with line to show surface normal New Feature: Better graphic icons and icon states New Feature: Log Messages for tab operations New Feature: Added "Edit/Preferences" menu for qb (currently just to toggle Log Messages) Fixed Bug: Interface Slow-down and Repainting has been fixed. Fixed Bug: Secured against user created classes overlapping with UnityEditor.Tool calls inside of qb Fixed Bug: Reset Defaults no longer reloads old settings when a tab is re-accessed by user Fixed Bug: Fixed bug with object distribution across brush surface Tweak: Changes have been made to how hotkeys are handled (this should keep qb from taking over the ctrl key when it shouldn't) PLUS: Many subtle workflow and performance tweaks
  19. playTangent

    QuickBrush 1.1.0 Coming Soon

    Makes sense. Added to my notes for v1.11 Thanks
  20. playTangent

    QuickBrush 1.1.0 Coming Soon

    With a few more hefty tweaks out of the way, the first release candidate has been sent out to registered users. Just about ready to go up on the store, barring bug reports.
  21. playTangent


    Hi GeeD- sorry for the trouble on this. Do you mind checking your spam box for emails with the update? Also, I'll send it out right now, so you should have it for sure. I've seen issues with the e-list before, and the very first opportunity I have, I'll be setting up a proper online link setup for all the direct-purchase users. Email with update incoming! gw
  22. playTangent

    QuickBrush takes over the CTRL key.

    Thanks for the info. I think I've got it now. We'll see soon enough. I just have to tie up a few bugs in one of the new features and I'll send a package around for testing.
  23. playTangent

    QuickBrush takes over the CTRL key.

    Update: I did find one instance of this bug when trying to CTRL+D duplicate folders and files in the project hierarchy within unity while qb is running. QB pulls focus to the scene view. I made a quick fix, but I have to test it thoroughly to make sure the fix doesn't break anything else. I'll send you the package to see if it helps on your end.
  24. playTangent

    QuickBrush takes over the CTRL key.

    Hey, Wolfen. I'm hard at work on the new version of qb. I've been trying to reproduce this bug and I'm having difficulty getting it to occur. I realized that if this was an issue that affected my setup as well, it should be happening every time I work on the code with qb up in the background, but that hasn't been the case. So it might help to know what OS you are using and what version of quickBrush you have. I mostly work on windows 7 and 8. Maybe give me some specific things to try as well. So far, I've tried copying and pasting files outside of unity with qb docked. I also tried copying and pasting stuff in unity and in text editors. No luck yet. If we can pin down the mix that causes the bug, then I'll be able to squash it. If you can think of anything else that might be relevant, please let me know. //Thanks
  25. playTangent

    Does this work on Unity terrain?

    QB will work with Unity Terrain in the sense that it will place objects against Terrain collision. However, prefabs placed with qb remain as individual instances rather than batching together like the built-in trees (of course, they'll still batch for rendering if your prefabs are configured for it).There are advantages to doing things this way. For example, each object can have its own collision and scripting. Sorry for the slow response. The QB section of the forum had been dead for a long time, with most people sending me e-mails instead, but I see things are picking up lately, so I'll make sure to set up better notifications to keep up. FYI: I'm working on a bigger update now, so if you have bugs or feature requests, let me know. Thanks