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  1. Zen

    Really Frustrating Bug

    Thank you, that fixed my problem. Everything is rendering like a charm!
  2. Zen

    Really Frustrating Bug

    There is an annoying bug that has been preventing a significant amount of development on my game, mostly because I rely on this asset to easily model basic shapes. What's been going on is that every time I pull two top vertices down from a cube to form a ramp, the two faces to the side become completely black. It's very easy to recreate, and goes like this: (I'm using mac by the way) build a 1x1x1 cube, switch to vertex editing mode, and select two top vertices and pull them down. The two faces to the side should become pitch black. This is also being done using progrids, so it snaps by to the bottom instantly when I drag down. I hope you guys can help me resolve the problem.