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  1. Shins

    Any Extension Tutorials?

    Thanks Karl!
  2. Shins

    Any Extension Tutorials?

    Hello, First up, great tool, thanks a bundle! I'm using probuilder to rapidly prototype levels, but it's looking increasingly likely that it will be perfectly adequate for final level creation too, good work! I'm wondering if there is a good place to get a handle on Extension creation. I'm looking to create an extension that will allow me to do the following: Select a face using the face tool Generate a new gameobject aligned to that face with the same dimensions as the face Offset the new object out from the face by some var amount Attach a number of components to the new object (collider, a monobehaviour or two...) This would speed up my workflow enormously. I am currently manually detaching the face, duplicating to create my new object, offsetting this object, adding the components, then merging the original detached face back into the original object. All perfectly doable, but quite tedious. In addition, it would be very useful to be able to set the orientation of the pivot point of the new object such that the positive Z axis points back at the original face... Don't ask Any pointers to get me started on this extension greatly appreciated! I did see this post by Karl which hints at some erstwhile tutorial blog post, but the link therein is dead... Thanks.