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  1. quizcanners

    Single-Face smooth Beveling

    Yep, just twisting normals a bit)
  2. quizcanners

    Single-Face smooth Beveling

    Almost, but if I set the entire cube into smoothing group, I get incorrect normal on faces (1-st cube on the picture). For the second cube I only included edges into a smoothing group. So edges are smooth, but don't provide a smooth transition to faces of the cube. And the third one is what I'm looking for. Basically its like the second option, but instead of having the average normal, the vertex copies normal from a face marked as Sharp next to it (if such exists), if non are marked - then average. There is a very quick and efficient way you can add it to PRO Builder : when you calculate smooth normal for a vertex, instead of just adding normals of triangels, multiply each of them by the area of the triangle. Edges always have smaller areas. And when you normalize to get the average normal, you'll see it will look exactly as a third cube. I think it could be an option for each of the smoothing groups to select a method (to use area of the triangle as normal's weight or not). For my asset I made an option to manually select corners of the triangles which will use the triangle's normal for that corner's smoothed vertex normal, but I never had a reason to use it, auto is more then enough for every scenario.
  3. quizcanners

    Single-Face smooth Beveling

    It probably already exists, but I couldn't find any tutorials on Low-Poly Smooth Beveling. In ProCore I found an option to set Smoothing Groups, but it doesn't exactly do what I want. I have a super basic mesh editing in my Playtime Painter Asset, and it has the option to set "Dominant Faces", as I call them. When smooth normal is calculated, they decide which way it goes. I even made a highly technical and professional drawing of what I'm talking about. And the video below shows how it looks. I think Pro Builder should have this. Playtime Painter is Open Source, but can't say that my implementation is the best possible, it just functions https://youtu.be/ARCcJnDx9Uo?t=54s It's a really neat thing, people often want to bevel stuff, I even made a Bevel shader before realized that this method is better in every way. But I think there is another way: when I calculate average smooth normal I tried multiplying a normal provided by each triangle by the area of the triangle. The result is almost identical to what is shown in the video. I'm like 40 percent sure that I'm talking about something that existed always, and people know it, but I just can't find it.