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  1. Hi, the problem I was having is when I tried to make the Station with the guns (which are separate models but not objects) into one complete object it kept turning out that the guns would be missing I've since solved the issue it was because I had to turn each model into a object separately.
  2. I have a slight problem that I don't know how to fix! I applied textures to my Space Station and every texture renders correctly except for the antenna! Can anyone tell me where I went wrong and how I can correct it so I can continue?!
  3. DJ7705

    Need Help Urgently!

    Thank you for that infomation,. The Object is always going to be onscreen. There isn't going to "Be" a Character, the Station will be controlled by the Player. So it's going to able to be small enough to fit on the screen of a mobile phone and still have room on all sides
  4. DJ7705

    Need Help Urgently!

    Hi I'm New to both Probuilder and the forums. I'm trying to make a Space Station model and have tried various designs and the all seem to be extremely high polys even though I'm trying to make it as low poly as possible! I'm hoping someone can tell me how to remove polys because when I try to turn it into an object I get something I can't even view! If someone could help me I'd really appreciate it! Thank you in advance!
  5. I made a new one and I'm running into the same problem< I make the prefab and all is good, Here is a screenshot of the station prefab: And When I try turning it into an object this is what I get: Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can make this into an Object with everything intact?
  6. Satellite Base 5.0K verts Satellite Body 6.2 verts Satellite Arm 6.2 verts Satellite Antenna 6.2 verts Satellite Dish 17.9 verts Is that over the poly limit?
  7. Hi I'm New to both Probuilder and the forums. I'm trying to make several objects into one, I put them together and this is what it looks like: But when I try to make it into an Object I either get this: Or the message user cancelled flashes on the screen, I'm using the latest version of probuilder. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!