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  1. Uri

    Weird Vertex Collapse

    For whatever reason I can't seem to find the "Reset" option, but I just ended setting the Planar projection to the faces with same material and now it fits perfectly. Thanks tho!
  2. Hi community! First post here, let's see if I got lucky. I previously used Pro Build in a project, but the deadline was close so I ended becoming frustrated etc etc. But now I'm taking my time to do a decent scenerey with it, so... The level is a simple house with a corridor. I firstly modeled one part of it and then the corridor+ rooms, merging then both objects. Now I'm trying to merge the vertexs so it become one single object. The problem? I'm having some weird vertex collapse solutions that I can't understand. Let's see one -This is where the corridor should merge with the living room. -I will now try to collapse both vertexs on the walls -Aaaaand that happens. I've tried different things but all of them have similar results. I could add more pictures to explain if needed but i think those are self explanatory. Any advise would be amazing! Thanks for your time!