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    Probuilder objects and GPU instancing

    Hope To see that soon
  2. multiversemarble

    Subdivide face messes up textures

    -Name of tool - ProBuilder -A brief description of the issue - Whenever i try to do subdivide face it messes up entire uv on the mesh - Version of Unity - 2018 beta 6 i just clicked on one face and selected subdivide face
  3. multiversemarble

    Probuilder objects and GPU instancing

    Yeah that's what I was doing anyway thanks for clarifying
  4. Recently I did some test and found out that GPU instancing doesn't work on pro builder objects , Just to test it create a probuilder object and create multiple duplicates of that object with GPU instancing selected on the material. You will notice that instancing doesn't work on them but After exporting it in obj format and re importing the GPU instancing works fine. Sorry if I posted this in wrong section , Was just wondering if it's normal or there are some settings which can make the GPU instancing work on probuilderized objects?