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  1. I set it to 1 and I already tried it if that's the problem however it doesn't change anything when I change the weld distance EDIT: Nevermind. I aparently didn't save the settings or used "," instead of "." when putting in "0,1" last time so it was still at 1. Retested it with lower weld distance and it worked.
  2. I just realized that the info panel on the left in the scene view is not showing me the correct number of selected vertices, however does correctly show sel. edges/faces Might be just a display bug. Hope steps to reproduce this may not be really required since the gif shows what I mean. A more general question but the more bug reports I post, the more I am wondering what is the optimal way for you guys to have a bug reported (and yes I already read the way how to do this ;)). I am just wondering about tags, since I wrote in this particular report what my unity and pb version is as a tag. Does that make sense for you to immediately identify what my "specs" are? Is there a way It can be even more helpful to you in figuring the problem out? Tags probably are usually used for the search of the forum however I thought about what to put in my title and I generally try to sum it up as simple as possible. Anyways, I also wanted to congratulate you btw. that Pro Builder made it to be a part of Unity! Great achievement and I love the software. It had been on my radar a long time ago and I always fiddled a little around with it but never gotten into it since I never really was able to use it during work. But now this might change in the future since it's not a plugin the company I work for has to get. Thanks for your great work.
  3. This may be another bug but I'll post it in here: When trying to weld the vertices like in your tutorial, they weld all together like this: Which I am not sure if it makes sense, or if it's also a bug or might have to do something with the beforementioned CTRL Z phenomenon.
  4. Glad to help! thanks for your fast response
  5. Absolutely no problem, that's what Beta's are for getting problems fixed!
  6. Thank you! Theres really nothing special I do tho. Steps for my repro: New Poly Shape Do it like in your tutorial, extrusion height 1 Afterwards try making changes to it, like extruding, or insecting a face Press CTRL+Z The whole mesh resets instead unndoing 1 step only.
  7. I editted this and yes I tried again with the new setup project without pro builder basic. I hope the gif clarifies my problem more clearly.
  8. So Now I installed the Unity 2018.1.0b8 and added packages "pro builder basic" + "pro grids 2" when starting a new project. However with basic there was no Poly Shape function included so I updated the Pro Builder version to latest in the Package Manager but got now a compiler error: error CS1704: An assembly with the same name `pb_Stl' has already been imported. Consider removing one of the references or sign the assembly Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Classes/ClassesLib/pb_Stl.dll (Location of the symbol related to previous error) C:/ProgramData/Unity/cache/packages/packages.unity.com/com.unity.probuilder@3.0.1/ProBuilder/Classes/ClassesLib/pb_Stl.dll (Location of the symbol related to previous error) Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings Edit1: If I do not add Pro Builder Basic for a new project, I don't get the error btw. Edit2: So apparently with the latest Unity Beta the error doesn't appear anymore!
  9. As topic reads. I searched forums via search bar and couldn't find anything on this topic. I find it a little odd that a simple ctrl+z always resets my whole mesh to the point where I setup up the very first poly shape. Is that how it is meant to be ? Or might that be a bug (or an option I don't know of yet). I also already read this but as far as this goes it tells me exactly what I thought it does: Get my changes back. Thanks for the help EDIT: with normal shapes this doesn't happen. So it probably is meant to be like that? Edit#2: I really don't get it, it really would make no sense to me if that is how it is supposed to. It really doesn't late me undo a mere change of extrude of a face or something, it always completely resets the mesh. Help please! Heres an explanation gif. I make a lot of changes and simply press CTRL + Z in the end and its completely back to 1 again.
  10. Thanks so much! I was looking for something like that under preferences ._. but good to know!
  11. Hey there, so I am relatively new to ProBuilder and I was currenty trying to follow this tutorial and I stumbled upon, what seems to me, is an error. I am currently using Unity 2018.1.0b7 Personal Pro Builder v.3.0.1 Pro Grids 2.5.0f0 In the tutorial, when he is selecting the face, the tool handle shows the same rotation and position (x, y , z) as the scene views meaning y (green coordinate) to the top: For me however this is different. When I create the poly shape, and select a face afterwards, the coordinates of my selected face are flipped so that the Z coordinate is the Y of my scene view. Now this confuses me as I tried to change the Tool handle of unity from Pivot to Center or Global to Local. This however didn't change anything for my selected face. Now due to this fact when I try to select both faces and extrude it always messes up the coordinates: HOWEVER, when I only select 1 face, it does as in the tutorial: Now I was wondering why that is? Am I just really noob and forget a basic setup of my Unity or is this a weird bug that messes this up? Thank you for your help.
  12. Hey there. I am currently using Unity 2018.1.0b7 Personal Pro Builder v.3.0.1 Pro Grids 2.5.0f0 Now whenever I build a Poly Shape, I get errors spammed until I hit enter to finish it. It doesn't break something (as far as I know), however it bothers me that there are so many errors. Failed extracting collision mesh because vertex at index 4 contains a non-finite value (-nan(ind), -nan(ind), -nan(ind)). Mesh asset path "" Mesh name "pb_Mesh-182714" UnityEngine.MeshCollider:set_sharedMesh(Mesh) ProBuilder.Core.pb_Object:RefreshCollisions() (at /Users/karlh/procore/probuilder2/probuilder2.0/Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Classes/ClassesCore/pb_Object.cs:928) ProBuilder.Core.pb_Object:Refresh(RefreshMask) (at /Users/karlh/procore/probuilder2/probuilder2.0/Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Classes/ClassesCore/pb_Object.cs:885) ProBuilder.MeshOperations.pb_AppendPolygon:CreateShapeFromPolygon(pb_Object, IList`1, Single, Boolean) (at /Users/karlh/procore/probuilder2/probuilder2.0/Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Classes/ClassesEditing/pb_AppendPolygon.cs:107) ProBuilder.MeshOperations.pb_AppendPolygon:CreateShapeFromPolygon(pb_PolyShape) (at /Users/karlh/procore/probuilder2/probuilder2.0/Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Classes/ClassesEditing/pb_AppendPolygon.cs:60) ProBuilder.EditorCore.pb_PolyShapeEditor:RebuildPolyShapeMesh(Boolean) (at /Users/karlh/procore/probuilder2/probuilder2.0/Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Editor/EditorCore/pb_PolyShapeEditor.cs:291) ProBuilder.EditorCore.pb_PolyShapeEditor:DoExistingPointsGUI() (at /Users/karlh/procore/probuilder2/probuilder2.0/Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Editor/EditorCore/pb_PolyShapeEditor.cs:533) ProBuilder.EditorCore.pb_PolyShapeEditor:OnSceneGUI() (at /Users/karlh/procore/probuilder2/probuilder2.0/Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Editor/EditorCore/pb_PolyShapeEditor.cs:347) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr) Steps to reproduce: Create any new Poly Shape by hitting "New Poly Shape" in the ProBuilder Window Finish the shape by connecting the last and first vertec (click on the first) The error gets spammed as long as I am in the "extrusion mode" of the poly shape Is this a know issue or is it ignorable anyways? Thank you in advance