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  1. Wahooney

    It'sa me, Wahooney!

    That was plan B Is it possible to write extensions that create new tools in the tool dock at this point? Blender is a bit polarizing, for sure, but there are some amazing modelling tools, little things that make a huge difference in productivity, I may change your mind yet For instance: This is just me selecting a single edge and mashing F. Really simple tool, HUGE time saver. As an ex-Max-Monster, I detect some similarities between it and PB
  2. Wahooney

    It'sa me, Wahooney!

    Hi all, My name is Keith, I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. I've been using Unity Professionally for nearly a decade, released a lot of games (99% of which are under NDA ). I'm lead programmer at RetroEpic Software; we've released A Day in the Woods and currently on the final stages of the digital edition of Flash Point : Fire Rescue. I'm super stoked that ProBuilder is now part of the Unity family, and I'd like to get involved in this community. Unity's lack of official level tools has been a pain point of mine for some time. One of my goals here is to port tools from my own in-Unity modelling system into ProBuilder (API allowing), and if they prove useful maybe make it into the main tool As an avid Blender-head, these tools I feel are missing are Blender-inspired and will definitely speed up the level modelling process. I'll be asking questions here to see if I can make that a reality. I'll also be complaining very loudly (but in a civil manner) and hopefully not too often about PB whenever there's an improvement to be made, because it's a tool the purpose of which is VERY near to my heart, so I want to make sure it's awesome! Cheers!