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  1. StandUpGamer

    [Solved] How to make back of faces visible

    Wow, is that the most thorough forum response ever ? Fantastic, super helpful. Thanks Gabriel.
  2. StandUpGamer

    [Solved] How to make back of faces visible

    Thank you both for the fast and helpful responses. It makes sense that I shouldn't try and make a zero thickness object. I'll keep working on it, if fact my 'workaround' of having a 2nd dish facing backwards, a little away from the first, is not a bad solution.
  3. I did a search but havn't found a solution. So, just quickly. I'm making a radio-telescope. - Made a wide cone, selected the base and Backspaced to remove. - I flipped the normals so now I have a nice radio-telescope shape. Problem is that it's invisible from below. - I tried to select all the faces and extrude them back a little. Bit that seems to extrude the Edges, not the faces. Please see screenshots. I have made a workaround of duplicating the dish, flipping the normals and placing the duplicate just below the main dish. My question is, is there a way to add 'visibility' (normals ?) to the back of a face ? Thank you.