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  1. fortytwo

    Request: Texture Atlas

    Great idea ! +1 for texture atlas
  2. fortytwo


    That's a super cool idea, fortytwo. Perhaps a fence builder, or something like that? Exactly :-) Is it possible ?
  3. fortytwo


    Is there some procedural modeling here ? (catwalk ?) I'd love to see examples of code for procedural modeling with ProBuilder.
  4. fortytwo

    Awesome Customer Service

    The updating process has been very smooth with your help guys !
  5. fortytwo

    Texturing feature requests

    For the ceilings and multiple floors buildings i used to make groups in progroups. Maybe it's more flexible to make groups in empty gameObjects ? About textures, i've noticed that you can work with allegorithmic substances but PB can't display the texture when a face is selected :-(
  6. fortytwo

    From Concept to ProBuilder

    Hi Zeph Great work ! Is it neon lights on the roof ? I'm wondering how you will manage that because i'de like to do the same lightning in my own scene.
  7. fortytwo

    [FIXED] PB 2.0 500

    Personally, I make a zip of the project before updating (even if storage space is not that expensive, i like the way it glues the project, you can make multiple try on the project, dezipping it as needed). I understand you laapsaap, sometimes we're not carefull enough and it cost time :-( By the way, I'd love to use a unity friendly SVN !
  8. fortytwo

    Edit by the numbers...

    Quick offset is great !!!
  9. fortytwo

    Rotation Grid

    Great ! Thanks
  10. fortytwo

    Rotation Grid

    It would be great to select steps size (like 15°,25°,30°,45°...) when rotating an object under PG
  11. fortytwo

    Edit by the numbers...

    I'd love to try such a tool !
  12. fortytwo

    Auto no-draw?

    Thanks a lot !
  13. fortytwo

    [FIXED] Builder Box/Object Edit Breakage

    This is a clean project. No, I'm putting all my BuilderBoxes into an empty GameObject, as suggested. I'm not hitting the NewBox button when creating, I prefer the cmd+D shortcut from an existing box. Several times... even more... I should have done something like that but i can't remember what was "wrong" action. PS:I'm on OSX, Probuilder is the unique package with the standard character controller
  14. fortytwo

    [FIXED] Builder Box/Object Edit Breakage

    [attachment=0]None edited.png[/attachment]Same kind of problem here : I can edit but sometimes the blue or green dots stay visible even if the edit is finished... They are copyed (visible) with the BuilderBox as well. (see picture attached below)
  15. fortytwo

    [FIXED] ProGrids Snapping Issue

    It looks like progrid don't like to deal with multiple grid sizes. For example i use 20cm for my main grid but sometime i need 5cm or 10cm grids and then funny snapping happens... Especially when I select multiple objects, then the surfaces locked on the small grids can snap on the 20cm grid, or not... It's very confusing because sometime it works as expected and sometime it snaps randomly :-( Maybe an update is scheduled ?