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  1. Hi, I am using Package Manager version of Probuilder. I downloaded it through Unity 2018. I never used Probuilder before.
  2. Hi, I tried testing out poly brush to paint some color over a cube mesh created by probuilder but somehow it doesnt work. I dont know what I do wrong. In mesh renderer, the element 0 always switches back to default prototype every time the brush was hovered above the mesh, even when I tried to set it to standard vertex color. I could not use any other functions in poly brush. The shader also is greyed out for some reason. Polybrush version is 0.9.13b.0 Probuilder version 3.0.1 Unity 2018.1.0b7 beta
  3. I figured this one out. Apparently I can right click on the windows and chose to turn into Icon Mode instead of Text mode. I never used Probuilder before so Ive got confused when looking at the video demo.
  4. Hi everyone, I installed Probuilder through package manager from Unity 2018.1 beta today and there was no main tool bar like the one shown in the youtube video. Probuilder version is 3.0.1. This is what I have. Im not sure if I did something wrong.