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  1. TrickyHandz

    Vert Count discrepancy after moving edge

    Thanks for the clarification on that...I'm learning more and more about how all this mesh generation stuff actually works. :-)
  2. TrickyHandz

    Vert Count discrepancy after moving edge

    Hey Karl. That's really interesting. I would have thought that the optimization pass would have resulted in the mesh having identical vertex counts, rather than the increase after moving the edge. Does that mean there are stray verts somewhere that aren't being moved with the selected edge? I sent an email with my invoice # so everything can be verified for User Toolbox access. I'll be sure to dig into the source as soon as I can.
  3. TrickyHandz

    Black scene probuilder window

    This may be caused by moving the ProCore folder into a sub folder as Probuilder does load some files from a paths in the project. I'm not sure if these paths must be relative to the project root, but I'm fairly certain they are. Since you have moved it into the Addons folder in your project these path references will fail when Probuilder attempts to load texture assets used for UI rendering. My suggestion would be to move the ProCore folder back into the Assets folder and restart Unity to see if that solves the issue.
  4. I recently discovered some interesting behavior after exporting a PB Object to an asset file. For a project I am working on I am using PB to create some mesh data and I need that mesh data to have identical number of verts. As a result I am very careful about not doing any collapsing or extrusion on my base object, simply moving existing verts/edges/faces. However, I noted that after creating a cube and inserting an edge loop, if I moved any of the edges of the created loop I would end up with a vert count mismatch in exported assets. This is despite the fact that no assets were exported prior to the creation of the edge loop. This same behavior can be seen when doing subdivisions and following the same edge editing. Here is a video of a repro case: Cheers, Tim
  5. TrickyHandz

    Make Asset creates empty folders

    OrthoKent, This is related to something that was done in Unity 5 to prevent overriding assets and folders unintentionally. I've run into it with several of my own custom workflow tools that I started developing during the 4.x life-cycle. My guess is that PB is running into the same thing I am. I'm trying to track down a fix for my own stuff, but at the moment even with a check before creating a folder there always seems to be an extra one created. I'm going to share my findings with the ProCore guys as soon as I get the fix...unless they find it first. Cheers, Tim
  6. TrickyHandz

    probuilder and random mazes

    Terry, I have a system I wrote for 2D procedural maze generation that I might be able to convert to 3D. The system works on Prim's algorithm to generate the maze and then it figures out what type of piece to place (hall, corner, 3 way intersection, 4 way intersection) based on adjacent "walkable" portions of the maze. I may have to start experimenting with it now. Are you looking to procedurally generate all the geometry or is the modular approach good?
  7. TrickyHandz

    Setting the pivot point

    If I understand what you are trying to accomplish, the easiest way to do it is as follows: 1. Select your object and enter Geometry editing mode 2. Switch to Vertex mode 3. Click on the face you wish to be the center of the rotation so that all vertices in the face are selected. 4. Click the Set Pivot button in the ProBuilder window or use the hot keys (Ctrl+J on Windows, CMD+J on Mac) If you need I can throw together a quick video to show you.
  8. In the latest PB promo vid there is a short portion that shows the UV unwrap and texturing process. I'm having a bit if trouble figuring out how best to approach this for a project that involves several meshes built with cylinders...bar stools are a good example here. I'll gladly provide a PB mesh to use if anyone is willing to help me out learning to do this properly.
  9. TrickyHandz

    [WIP] Coffee Shop/Restaurant Props

    Quick update. I did some cabinets and counters today. Had a bit of trouble doing the bend on the faucet for a sink...wish I had a bend modifier. This screenshot contains, 100%, pure, ProBuilder for prop objects. NOTE: Reference character model not created in ProBuilder and only used for scale.
  10. TrickyHandz

    [WIP] Coffee Shop/Restaurant Props

    Thanks! Can't wait til I get counters, sinks, cabinets and seating done. May do square tables too. Then I'll actually build the interior of the shop.
  11. For some reason I decided to rebuild a coffee shop/restaurant project I worked on a while ago. It had some less than desirable geometry, so I figured instead of digging through the asset store I may as well just build everything with ProBuilder instead. I think this might makes thing much easier in the long run when I want something like a table to be slightly shorter or taller. The below screenshot shows the following: Pastry display case with curved glass (Bottom Lit) Stand up freezer Stand up refrigerator/freezer combo Standing refrigerator with glass front Round table (Pedestal style) High top round table (Pedestal Style) I'll be tackling counters and cabinetry next. Then I will move on to chairs (which frankly are the hardest thing for me...I've failed numerous times). Eventually, I plan to be able to convert absolutely every aspect of the old coffee shop project into PBObjects so that I have complete control over it inside of Unity...such joy. If anyone has any suggestions for something that would be good for props I welcome the input. Also, please let me know if this actually looks good...after all, I'm a programmer, not an artist.
  12. TrickyHandz

    Grouping together seperate meshes?

    No problem. Let me know if you need any clarification on anything. I'm sure Gabriel and Karl probably have more tips hiding somewhere.
  13. TrickyHandz

    Grouping together seperate meshes?

    CaptCanada, ProGroups is simply for editor functionality as it stands at the moment, so that wouldn't help you out for optimization. However it is great to have for things like enabling/disabling editing of objects in your scene or hiding them when you don't need them visible. In regards to optimization there are several things that can be done to help your scene out. Here are a few to keep in mind: 1. Delete faces that will never be seen in your game. Often times this is things like the underside of a cube that will never move. 2. Reuse materials whenever possible. This will allow Unity to batch the draw calls which saves on memory. 3. Don't use more vertices than are needed for the shape you are creating. For instance, you wouldn't want to make a cube with 400 vertices, when 8 will do the job. Keep in mind that Unity may not reflect the vertex count you think you have since it may have to split vertices to render properly in game. This is the reason that the Unity default Plane has always bothered me...there isn't a reason for all those verts and faces in most cases. You can merge your PBObjects, but I'm not sure at the moment how much that affects the performance stats. There are cases where this can make it harder to edit the PBObject if some of the meshes are more complex, so keep that in mind as your project progresses. If it is only a question of cleaning up your hierarchy, you can parent PBObjects to other PBObjects for the sake of organization. I use this technique quite often to help organize my hierarchy. For instance, I created a modular hallway that consisted of 6 different PBObjects. 1 PBObject for the main hallway and 5 more for detail objects. Each of the detail objects was parented to the main hallway so I could move everything at the same time and collapse it in the hierarchy for a cleaner, more organized feel.
  14. TrickyHandz

    light shining through geometery?

    Are you seeing this in game as well, or just in the scene view. I've had lighting issues pop up in the scene view from time to time, but nothing extensive. Most times I see this when the scene view is set to Isometric (Iso) instead of Perspective, that makes a distinct difference in the way lighting looks in the scene view (at least in my experience). Scene view never quite looks exactly like running the game. Also, I can see plenty of shadow on the interior of the building, so I'm unsure as to what lighting issue you are seeing. Any chance at a video capture to show this from multiple angles? If you are seeing light passing through the seams where two PBObjects meet, it may be because of the way the pieces meet up. I would suggest using something like a miter joint style for the best results.
  15. I think this is both a bug and a feature request. When adding an object to a group, the child objects are not added at all. Since Unity doesn't pass information about child objects during selection (at least not that I know of), the children are not accounted for during the freeze operation. Hide is actually working the same way, but Unity passes down the visibility to the child objects automatically...though in the ProGroups code none of the child objects are actually being affected. I can look into doing an unofficial modification to the code, but my UnityScript is rusty...haven't used it in over 5 years. Give me a few days and hopefully I'll be able to find time to throw something together. As far as officially adding this feature is concerned, Gabriel or Karl are better suited to answer that.