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  1. Ok i know the Material Editor but this doesn't work with multiple materials on a merged mesh. If i apply a new material this way, the whole mesh is assigned with this new material only, i can't assign materials to the corresponding materials slots.By the way I'm not using drag and drop, i'm using the Unity materials arrays. Try merging Probuilderized meshes with different materials into one object, the try modifying the materials in the inspector, this should "stick" right? But it doesn't. Then if you use the Material Editor it applies one and only one new material to the whole mesh, and yes it sticks, but you're loosing all the material slots.
  2. Hi there, thanks for your awesome tools! We're struggling with an issue in Probuider v2.9.8f3 On a probuilderized FBX with materials in Unity 2017.3.0f3, after merging it into one mesh via probuilder and making it a Unity prefab, it's impossible to change materials anymore, they are locked, any change is reverted if pressing "Apply" on the prefab. Steps : import an FBX file with materials in it > Probuilderize it > Merge it > Make it a Prefab > try to assign new materials via the materials array > Press Apply prefab Hope you have a solution! Thanks! * Only "solution" i found was stipping Probuilder scripts on the prefab, then materials were editable again. But...it erases the pb_mesh and it end up with an empty prefab (By the way stripping Probuilder scripts should delete the mesh too? Is it normal stripping behaviour?) Thanks! Sebastien