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  1. 1) Vertexpainter colorpicker2)Colorpicking from vertex color window also selects Bp components3) windows, unity 2017 2.0f3, probuilder 2.9.8f34)Colorpicking from vertex color window also selects Bp components at the same time, like vertex/face, which is really annoying since you made a selection that you want to change color too.5) 1.select objects you want to change color to, some vertexes. 2.open palette window , Realize you want a different color (that is present in the scene), color pick it. 3.Now realize your selection of vertexes is different since you accidentaly picked new vertexes when you colorpicked. 6) Maybe a small thing but would be really nice to fix Thanks!
  2. jonas persson

    turn off Merge Uv on "collapse Vertex" command

    This in combination with the fact that the only way to delete a vertex, is merging it with a neighbor, makes this behavior super annoying. You cant delete a vertex thats in between two uv border vertexes without destroying the uv map.
  3. It would be fantastic to have a setting for turning off that uvs merge when you collapse vertexes when you collapse a vertex on a Uv border this is really unpleasent, it would be fantastic to be able to turn it off somehow..
  4. jonas persson

    Inproved vertex color painting

    Ok, you are lifting out the painting as a separete asset..... Well im ok with paying 65dollars more if i get these things :-) ---ONLY PAINT ON THE SELECTED SURFACES/VERTS, so that yo can use that as a mask, to only paint where you want to paint, would be awsome. This in combination with the funcionality of adjusting hue saturation etc only on the selected vertecies/faces would be a lifesaver so you dont have to repaint the whole thing if you made it a little bit too dark for example. To be able to bake Ao into only on the selected vertecies/faces inside of Pb would be fantastic, since baking it anywhere else would be a destructive workflow of exporting importing assets back and forth etc.
  5. jonas persson

    Inproved vertex color painting

    Hi! I use vertexpainting a lot in pb and with just some minor improvements this could be really powerful, . Here is a sketch of what an enhanced vertexpainting window could look like.
  6. jonas persson

    No vertexcolors in obj exports

    1) Export tool2) No vertexcolors in obj exports3) windows, unity 2017 2.0f3, probuilder 2.9.8f34) you have a checkbox for vertexcolors in the obj export tab but there is no vertexcolors in the obj file5)i click the vertexcolors checkbox, export obj, check obj fil (there is no vertexcolors) Comments: What i really want to do is to work with prefabed meshes with probuilder, to be able to work with for example a rock, paint some vertexcolors, export, and then see the mesh update in all the scenes where i use the prefab. If i export the rock as an asset file instead of an obj and late want to update the asset by exporting and overwriting the assetfile whith the same name i break the prefab connection. If i just prefab the probuilder asset without exporting, then the mesh wont update properly in the prefabs and i will get a unique mesh per object, resulting in very large scene files.