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  1. Thanks! I'll try this out.
  2. So I'm working on making a runtime mesh editor and I'm trying to use the built in tools to show the vertices, edges and faces but I'm having a bit of trouble working with the API. After way too much digging I found the pb_ElementGraphics class which seemed to do what I want, along with a forum post about how to use it: I tried to do what was specified in the forum post but I couldn't get it to work. It seems as though the code has changed quite a bit since this post was made because the function used, pb_ElementGraphics.instance.BuildVertexMesh(), no longer works. I tried using pb_ElementGraphics.RebuildGraphics() but I can't figure out how to get that pb_Edge[][] distinct edge array, and even if I did I suspect I'm using this function incorrectly. The documentation is really unhelpful when it comes to topics like this, can somebody please explain to me how the pb_ElementGraphics class is used, and/or how I would go about displaying the vertex, edge, and face handles in runtime?