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  1. Objects disappear when I move the camera in play mode. When I delete the polybrush folder this error is fixed. It does not generate any log.
  2. gferrari

    Bug Report - Android don't work Textures

    I try to import all the assets and I have these errors, hopefully it's just an easy problem to solve. Shader error in 'Polybrush/Standard Vertex Color': invalid subscript 'boxMax' at line 143 (on d3d11) Compiling Vertex program with DIRECTIONAL LIGHTMAP_OFF DIRLIGHTMAP_OFF DYNAMICLIGHTMAP_OFF Platform defines: UNITY_NO_DXT5nm UNITY_ENABLE_REFLECTION_BUFFERS UNITY_NO_CUBEMAP_ARRAY UNITY_NO_SCREENSPACE_SHADOWS UNITY_PBS_USE_BRDF2 SHADER_API_DESKTOP UNITY_HARDWARE_TIER3 UNITY_COLORSPACE_GAMMA Anyway I use the Mobile that seems not to throw error, but it shows all black in android.
  3. I have the last probuilder and polybrush version. I use Unity 2017.1.2p3 It work on Unity But If run it on Android I was very excited about this tool and this discourages me a little. I hope it can be solved in a simple way because I canĀ“t continue working in my game.