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  1. bjennings76

    Edge Flip command in Edge Selection mode

    I think the reason I intuitively expected it to be in the 'edge' section is because of Maya's Flip Edge which I used to use constantly when modeling back in the day. I'd just 'select-flip-select-flip' edges all over the place until the edges were all cleaned up. If it was selecting two triangles, then it's more 'select-select-flip-select-select-flip' which doesn't sound like that big a difference, but would definitely be slower. But I'll take whatever I can get. Thanks!
  2. Currently I can use Edge Flip to flip the edge of a quad, but when I have a triangulated mesh, I often want to flip any number of edges, but currently need to make them into quads, then re-triangulate them. For example: Note the 4 steps to flip a single edge: Select both triangles on either side of the edge. Merge Faces into a quad. Flip Face Edge of the quad. Triangulate Faces to return the quad back into triangles. I would love to have a Flip Edge option in Edge Selection mode. (I wouldn't have thought to find Flip Face Edge in Face Selection mode, honestly, and had to do a lot of searching to discover it.) When clicked, selected edges that share triangles on either side would swap their connected verts as if the user had completed the 4 steps above swapping the two shared verts with the two unshared verts, only without any actual merging/triangulation on the user's part.
  3. bjennings76

    Snap to vertex of that same object

    I love ProBuilder, but this has also been a frustration of mine ever since I started using ProBuilder. In applications like Maya, I'm used to snapping verts onto other verts on the same mesh when I want to 'collapse' them, but want one vert to stay where it is. @propulsion gives a great example of that desire. (You can see in his gif that he can't snap one vert to another on the same mesh, but it works just fine when snapping to verts of other meshes.) Normally, I have to use the gizmo handles while holding 'V', but I have to do this 3 times for each vert which is very frustrating. I'm hoping this gets fixed one day. It would save me a lot of time when cleaning up extraneous verts.