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  1. They are statically placed objects, tried with imported .blend and .fbx -files, no difference in the build. To me it sounds ludicrous to develop and sell 70$ tool and not being sure why it's not working on products sold on one of the biggest software marketplaces in the word, the Apple App Store. You know, when I followed the praise your previous product ProBuider got from other developers, I was amazed and thought that you really got everything in order. I don't know how hard the work you do under the hood is, I'm not a technical person by any means, but I cannot do my do my work fearing that you cannot guarantee universal support the same way Unity does, when I need to expand to other platforms. On top of that, counting all the misleading marketing I addressed in the first post and random glitches I've been experiencing when desperately trying to get some use of this tool. I hope you have lot of success with this product, but It doesn't work for me and my needs at all. As a customer I would like to have a this product refunded to me.
  2. I did toggle the Additional Vertex Streams off and painted to a new object and it works! Mesh modifications and painted textures stay in place in Play mode. I didn't need to go edit the shader in any way. There was a couple error messages(I believe something to do with the shaders) when I first downloaded the Polybrus tool but they haven't came back. When I switch back and forth between Windows/Mac/Linux standalone and iOS -platforms in the Build Settings panel, and then apply mobile blend shaders to game objects, I see no errors, I think it's fine. However, when I tried, It did not help on the iOS bug that loses all the textures when builded to a device. But that's one less problem to have at least. Thanks for taking care of this.
  3. I bought the Polybrush from Unity Asset Store yesterday and I have very mixed feeling about the whole product. I think I was very misleaded by the marketing material over on the Asset Store page and on your website about the compatibility and ease of use. The tool is full of annoying bugs and doesn't behave the same way when in the editor and when builded for platforms such as iOS. I was hoping that when I purchased this relatively expensive piece of software, I would be able to use it as a tool to save time and resources on my game projects. I understand that it is still in beta, but at this stage, the product is totally unusable. I hope you would touch on these issues first, explained in details below: 1. Textures disappear or behave unexpectedly when activating Play Mode Every time I enter Play Mode, all the the textures on game objects equipped with Polybrush -shader either disappear or change to weird colors. But when I select the object in editor and wiggle my cursor a bit over the object while still in Play mode, all the textures come temporarily back for that one Play mode -session. I have to do this every time for every object in the scene to view my textures in Play mode. Unbearable. polybrush_bug_2.mp4 2. All modified Vertices also reset when in Play mode. This can be seen also in the polybrush_bug_2.mp4 -video example. I believe this is the same problem as this person is having, I was wondering why nobody has touched on this yet: 3. When building for iOS, all textures were gone, or totally black. I did read into this post from last year, but I assume It has not been solved. I was using the "Texture Blend (Mobile)" -option from the shader dropdown -menu and they are all black in my iOS build when it should be blue, like in the Unity Editor. Why? I don't understand the coding of shaders, that's why I would use something like Polybrush to help me out. But if you promise on your website to support All Unity-Supported Platforms such as iOS, I would assume at least some progress on that area, even in beta. Either way, I cannot use this tool with my work, because of its poor reliability and performance issues. I hope you will address these issues soon. Or maybe I did something wrong myself? Pease help me out! Best regards Polybrush 0.9.13b0 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, macOS Sierra 10.12.6 iPhone 7 Plus Xcode Version 9.1 (9B55) Unity Version 2017.2.0f3 Personal