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  1. When a shape is rotated and I'm moving the vertices of that shape, moving along a single axis in local transform works as expected. When holding V to snap to vertices, it doesn't respect the axis constraint, and the selected vertices snap outside the selected axis. 2018-01-29_12-09-37.mp4
  2. Hi Gabriel, sorry for the delayed response! I tested this out in a clean project and was seeing the same behavior. Video attached, first without holding V, then with. Also attached a video of snapping behavior in Maya. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what the desired behavior would be here. Maya snaps on axes local to the object's rotation, which is decently handy. In any case, seemed like if you're dragging with a constrained axis, whatever it does it should respect that constraint. Thanks! ProBuilder2-v2.9.7f5 Unity 2017.2.0p4 2018-03-13_19-04-15.mp4 2018-03-13_19-09-36.mp4
  3. KyleYoungblom

    Option for Local Grid

    Oh, that's great to hear, thanks! I'll look forward to it. Really appreciate how actively your products are being developed.
  4. KyleYoungblom

    Option for Local Grid

    I'd love to have some way of establishing a local grid that could itself be rotated and then snapped to. Many of our layouts are mostly aligned to the cardinal 90 degree axes, but have sections that angle off at 45 degrees. Right now those sections have to be rotated back manually to the grid, edited, and rotated back. It'd be amazing if we could have a temporary rotated grid at an arbitrary angle so we could build those angled sections in place!
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    Snap Only On Specific Axis

    I'd love to see the option to only apply progrids snapping to the axis used to translate the selected component. In the example below, I grab the top verts of a cylinder and translate them upwards using the Y axis of the transform gizmo. The verts snap properly to the .5 on Y but also snap on the X and Z axis, which is not desired. The only workaround I know of is to create a second object at the Y height I want, disable snapping in proGrids, and then hold V to vertex snap to my new object. This works but isn't really an ideal workflow. Thanks
  6. KyleYoungblom

    Snap Only On Specific Axis

    Oh, that's wonderful, thank you very much! I'm loving PB/PG by the way, totally revolutionizing my workflow.
  7. I've got the same error building for iOS, though I'm using Unity 5.6.3.