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  1. Moribito

    ProBuilderize Yellow Warning ?

    Hi, I am having issue with probuilderize lately, on some meshes, I got this yellow warning, and I cannot export. ( ProBuilder latest version, Mac OS Sierra, Unity 5.6.4p1 ) How this problem occurs ? 1. A normap prefab in scene 2. Click to probuilderize 3. Object being converted to probuilderize eventhough yellow warrning says otherwise Mesh name confusion ? 1. Original mesh name changes to "pb... something" in inspector as you see 2. However in folder mesh name stays as old one "MeshTrafficLightPart_003" Cannot export due to mesh name conflict ? 1. Without any action click to export 2. Get an error of this due to mesh name confilict ( However if I delete original mesh "MeshTrafficLightPart_003" from project, and try to export, it is successful ) One another issue is about merging objects Lets say, I have two objects 500 vertices each, when I merge them with ProBuilder final result of vertices becomes like 1800-2000 vertices total. However If I combine them with other combiners from asset store result become like 1100-1200 vertices. Why ProBuilder increases the mesh size almost twice regarding to other mesh combiners/.
  2. Moribito

    Export problem ?

    Thanks for replies About first problem This problem sometimes still occurs even if path same or not. I will deep look into this and report again and report about it. About second problem For some reason, original mesh is deleted sometimes after probuilderize, this is why it cannot export. However this could be my mistake somehow, I did not have same problem for 2 days now, everything works properly now. About my third question, I ask for a feature that would be great A button near ProBuilderize, "Revert Back" button which strips scripts automatically and adds original mesh back itself ( this would be quick and great ). Lets say I click ProBuilderize mistakenly, I can click "Revert Back" to back to normal instantly or after 100 actions I just can click "Revert Back" and no changes applies and reverts back to original.
  3. Hi, I edit some of my meshes with QuickEdit, and when I try to bake lightmaps, I get this Yellow Warning on some my meshes and console "Zero UV area or surface area on mesh", which I previously edited with QuickEdit. As result, lightmaps does not include this meshes even if they are static ( No lightmaps No shadow maps ). The strange things is If I edit 10 meshes with QuickEdit, not all of them affected, just some of them, it is like rolling a dice, chance factor. I use latest version of QuickEdit and Unity 5.6.4p1. This could be a kind of bug which broke the mesh structure so lightmaps does not include them anymore.
  4. Moribito

    Export problem ?

    Hi, FIRST PROBLEM I think I am making a mistake during my ProBuilderize and Export process. I have my own building meshes and I ProBuilderize them, make some changes and export it as asset. There is no problem here, however If I ProBuilderize same object ( exported previously ) and make some changes and try to export again, console gives this error. It does not export again because the mesh is already in the project. Can I not probuilderize and export and probuilderize later and export later again objects ? Regards. SECOND PROBLEM Sometimes I cannot export at all ( this is nothing related to first problem ). Since I moved to Unity 5.6.4p1 and re-imported latest ProBuilder, I cannot export time to time, I mean I click 10 times to export and some times It does export and some times it does not export. It just says "No mesh selected" even though mesh object is selected. Scene example here, I click to export it keep saying 'No mesh selected" THIRD QUESTION ? Lets say I ProBuilderize an object in scene which is not a PreFab ( so it does not have any "Revert" button ) How can I revert it back to normal with no changes ? ( I do not want to export, there is no "Revert" option, and lets say I made 100 actions after it, so "CTRL + Z" also no option )
  5. Moribito

    Missing Mesh in iOS!

    Hi, I used ProCore Builder to edit my car body mesh and I took a build and tried on my phone mesh gone missing. Any idea ? Test Info Unity: 5.6.3p3 Device: iPhone 6s ( iOS 11.0 ) XCode: 9.0 Macbook Pro: OS Sierra Notes: At the end of ios build from Unity, I get couple of ProCore errors such as mesh and textures However these are informative errors, does not effect the build, build works just fine, but body mesh missing ) I have 5 cars, only this car modified with ProCore, other body meshes fine, just this one is missing ScreenShot same vehicle ( iPhone 6s ) ScreenShot same vehicle ( Macbook Pro )