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  1. Sarper

    Brush Alpha Mask / Noise

    What I mean is using a b&w texture which will multiply the brush values like in many sculpting applications. For example I want to paint noise on my mesh terrain, it would help immensely if I could have a let's say cloud pattern brush alpha texture to sculpt with. Right now I have to alternate between raise-lower to generate blob shaped noise over it.
  2. It would be cool if we could use an alpha texture for our brush as a mask. This way we can paint noise, erosion or any other various shapes
  3. Sarper

    Target Height

    It would be very helpful if it was possible to set a "target height". Currently I'm using Polybrush mainly for mesh terrain purposes and really feel the need to be able say, paint an area to a world height position of 0.
  4. If I paint a mesh with Additional Vertex Streams setting enabled, upon play mode all the custom data is lost and the mesh reverts to it's default form. Prefab or non-prefab, tried it in new scene, restarting Unity, supplied shaders, no go. If the additional vertex streams is off, it works ok. Unity 5.6.3p3. Polybrush 0.9.13b0