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  1. Okay thats great to hear that your working on fixing it, I'm really quite surprised why this issue was not marked as Blocked in the first place. As i wasted so much time because of this bug, i never would have thought it was a known bug in the asset, especially an asset as old and as much used as ProBuilder, i thought that it had to be a bug on my end or something wrong with the asset installation, so i went about trying everything to get it working, such as re-importing, deleting completely and re-installing, starting a new project and testing it Definitely time that i could have used elsewhere on doing other things.
  2. How do you mean Probuilder needs to be open? The probuilder window i have always open and docked. But it still doesnt work. I tried with the material palette and it worked with that, but i find it wierd and much longer to do it this way. Is there anyway to apply a material without the material palette to a prefab, and then when you apply to save the prefab have it also save the new material? As that is how it works for normal unity 3d objects, you can just drag the material onto the object and it saves it.
  3. Hey guys, is it possible to get some help? Ive run into a bug with ProBuilder when i create a cube and assign a material to the cube. i save the cube as a prefab, after saving it as a prefab the material switches back to the default prototype material!!! Any idea how to fix this? Ive tried removing probuilder and reinstalling but it doesnt fix it. I have ProBuilder2-v2.9.5f3-unity56 installed. Thanks