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  1. sandbucket

    Polybrush blend materials?

    Thanks for the reply, I think I was looking for a mesh deformer rather than a shader to get the textures to pop. Does procore offer any type of tool to do this? Say you have a flat surface of a cube and you want to make that surface wrinkly, would procore have any product that can do this?
  2. sandbucket

    Polybrush blend materials?

    I got it to work with normal maps, I just gotta use the right shader (Texture Blend Bump). But how do I get it working with the heightmaps? I'm using textures from GameTextures.com, they are .sbsar format and contain many different map files like normal and height map. I want to utilize all the files instead of only being restricted to main texture and normal map for Texture Blend Bump. :\
  3. sandbucket

    Polybrush blend materials?

    Hey all, I was wondering if PolyBrush can blend materials with heightmaps/ normalmaps? I've seen tutorials with blending , but only using flat textures. Let me know and thanks.
  4. sandbucket

    Updated Curves tutorial

    Hey GabrielW, Using 3 points is a huge help! Thanks again for the help
  5. sandbucket

    How do I manipulate edge loops?

    Hey GabrielW, Thanks for the quick response, I didn't realize there was a Select Edge Loops tool in the toolbar thanks again for the help
  6. sandbucket

    Updated Curves tutorial

    Update 2: I'm am trying to do a cleaner approach by setting up my track like this: So to update my question: how do I fill the empty spots seen on the track in regards to the curves? or how do I merge the faces together so it connects cleanly?
  7. sandbucket

    Updated Curves tutorial

    Hi all, How would I go about creating a nice curve around a curve? Here is my attempt: As you can see, when the curve in the road happens, the ramp or half pipe doesn't follow. What is the best way to manipulate edges around a curve? Update: I've sort of fixed it here by dragging the individual vertices together: But is there another way to do this?
  8. sandbucket

    How do I manipulate edge loops?

    Update 2: So when I initially create an edge loop, I can see all the edges through the material like this: however, when I click away, I can't go back to selecting all the edges of the face like how the tutorial did at 1:30. Any help is appreciated and thanks.
  9. sandbucket

    How do I manipulate edge loops?

    updated: I've sort of fixed the problem, I had to manually select the edges: But in order for this to work I had to select all the edges. When he is moving the edges, he drag selects the edges in 2D view and moves it with no problem, almost as if he selected all the edges on the other side at the same time. How did he select the edges so fast? When I attempt what the tutorial does (when I drag select the edges in 2D view), it only moves the edges on the side I'm looking at, the other side is unchanged. Any help is appreciated again and thanks.
  10. Hi all, I'm new to this forum I'm trying to make sloped roads and curves with pro builder, and I've found a helpful tutorial seen here: My question begins at 1:30 , where he is curving the edges. When he curves the edges, the whole segment follows cleanly. However, when I curve my edge, the edge dips into itself like this: in the tutorial it looks like this: Notice how in the tutorial, the edges conform to each other instead of clipping into each other. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated and thanks.