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    Zplintz got a reaction from karl in ProBuilder Scripting API for procedural generation?   
    I second that. There aren't enough expletives to describe how good it is.
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    Zplintz got a reaction from ErikH2000 in 2D animation combined with 3D model.   
    Thanks Erik. That's made my day. Love Spogey already - he looks like he has a few stories to tell.
    Even with the untextured map - I want a go!
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    Zplintz got a reaction from GabrielW in Best way to make cubes with different texture at edges?   
    Well be careful with Probuilder - its easy to lose hours fiddling - er I mean modelling.
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    Zplintz got a reaction from ErikH2000 in Best way to make cubes with different texture at edges?   
    Are you creating simple cuboids (with 6 sides) that you want to texture or 3d objects comprise of multiple cuboids that you will (I suppose) move apart?
    On your last example pic (with the interesting green guy). I can see that you have 9 faces per side of the cube (or perhaps 24 cuboids altogether)?. As I can see the seams between the faces, I am guessing this object is still actually many separate objects or faces?
    You can combine it into a single one with Probuilder and there will be no seams.
    If you don't need each cuboid to be many separate cuboids you could either delete all the inside faces or I can (try) and show you how to build a single object in Probuilder with only 9 faces per side and to whatever proportions you want. i.e. one that looks exactly like your picture but one PB object but no seams and pretty cheap as an object and very quick and easy to repeat in different dimensions.
    You would still be able to texture each individual face (or group several faces for one texture) etc
    You can do it without subdividing (or any seams) with a cube and shift click extruding into a cube that is 3 faces x 3 faces for each side. You can either extrude them to the correct proportions as you go or push and pull afterwards.
    This is much easier with ProGrids too - it makes it easy to push and pull to exact proportions will maintaining the overall size of the cuboid.

    Not going to get a chance today, but I could post an example tomorrow if its of any use?
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    Zplintz got a reaction from ErikH2000 in Best way to make cubes with different texture at edges?   
    Looks expensive for what is ultimately a 6 sided cube (or will the cuboid be exploded in game)?
    You have 26 cuboids in your mesh (each with 6 faces).
    Wouldn't splitting the sides of the cuboid into 9 faces (or 5) - so that i it looks like your first pic. You could then group the edges together and colour texture the edges and face seperately,
    Also unless your final object is a single mesh you may find Unity shows the seams. (I did when I tried to make a cube of cubes).
    6 sides with 5 faces each. Each of the four edges per face can be coloured/textured independently and so can the faces:-
    (Plus with a little effort you can do the same with non-cuboid objects).
    I have been lazy with the face creation (extrude, scale and translate back) but you could get exactly as your original drawing.

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    Zplintz got a reaction from TrickyHandz in Potentially unreasonable requests list.   
    I have been surprised, several times now, by how quickly ProCore have implemented suggestions on this forum into the beta version of PB.
    Dream on...here is a place where they can come true.
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    Zplintz got a reaction from TrickyHandz in Testing Myself   
    Excellent model - it is good to see people using PB for more than just maps too.