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  1. Zplintz


    Great game idea. Looks and sounds beautiful.
  2. Zplintz

    ETA on edge Bevelling?

    It is no easy task to automate edge bevelling (especially where 3+ faces meet) but this is high on my wishlist too.
  3. Zplintz

    Potentially unreasonable requests list.

    Haven't posted any requests for a while. Partly because PB beta keeps being released with ne functionality - which is very cool. Still love to se a uv sphere primitive (but can do semi-sheres by hand using other primitives with a little carefull tweaking). I would also like a method to create curves. I would like to be able to push a face and have connected faces n faces around or to the sides be dragged with it smoothly. Mathmatical curves (even when those curves are only built using 10 flat faces can add an elegance to the eye that doing by hand misses). Sounds tricky to me though so a pipe dream on my behalf I suspect.
  4. Zplintz

    2D animation combined with 3D model.

    Isn't it just. It's like a cartoon character that has escaped into a 3d world. Looking forward to seeing more.
  5. I second that. There aren't enough expletives to describe how good it is.
  6. Zplintz

    Extrude by Value

    Woohoo! - Yet another request becomes a reality. It will make setting the large objects to exact values so much easier and quicker. Does this feature work just for extrude or for dragging too?
  7. Zplintz

    Reflection Demo made using ProBuilder

    Agreed - I couldn't even get off level 1. Way too difficult. I want my money back. The shiny wooden floor looks fantastic. Really impressed.
  8. Zplintz

    2D animation combined with 3D model.

    Thanks Erik. That's made my day. Love Spogey already - he looks like he has a few stories to tell. Even with the untextured map - I want a go!
  9. Zplintz

    best way to insert step

    I am betting the explanation would take up a whole tutorial/vid. Still I'd definitely watch it there were one.
  10. @ErikH2000 - I was wondering how you were getting on and whether you wanted to share any pics? I must confess the green guy has me intrigued. If you would rather not that's ok - I am only being nosy after all.
  11. Zplintz


    Interesting to me. Hadn't thought about using ProgGroups in the Player (for game play or testing) - until now.
  12. Zplintz

    Progrid UI doesn't load.

    How about deleting the 6by7, probuilder, progrogrids, procore folders from your project and then importing them?
  13. Well be careful with Probuilder - its easy to lose hours fiddling - er I mean modelling.
  14. Zplintz


    [Edit - Not relevant]
  15. Zplintz

    Potentially unreasonable requests list.

    A UV sphere with radius (x,y and z) plus n segments would be cool.